Ep 48: Empire Jeep Club

Joe, Gus, and Ricardo come and hang out in the spare bedroom with Matt and Cody. We talk about the upcoming Toy Drive on Dec 14th, their trail breakage, and ghost hunting at 2am. Please come and join us at Mountain Mikes Pizza on December 14th for the Toy Drive. @jcortez_909 @gus_guss87 @greencloverjku @falkentire @empire_jeep_club @mountainmikeschino

Episode 361 – The First Jeep Truck In 30 Years

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This Week In Jeep: It’s all about the 2019 JT Truck

Contributor Segment: N/A

Wrangler Talk: N/A

Interview with: Don from “Jeep Teck”

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: How Often To Change Oil In a Weekend Warrior

Must Have Stuff for your Jeep: n/a

Jeep Cherokee Stock To Wheeler: n/a

Nicky G: Tells a bad joke

Wheeling Where:

Adventure Off Road Park – Annual Xmas Toy Run


Offroad Consulting Presents – Offroad 101 Class


Links Mentioned in Episode 361:

Don With Jeep Teck https://www.facebook.com/jeepteck/

Give-Away: https://www.gr8-innovations.com/

Scotty Kilmer
The Best Car Jump Starter in the World and Why



Ep 47: Kira Murdock (@dirt.vader)

We talk to Kira Murdock, @dirt.vader on Instagram. She tells us about how her love of off roading and her career in film recently came together for an epic day on the job. Cody & Matt talk about a recent trip to #bigbear, and don't forget to submit your photo for the #offroadcharitycalendar @falkentire