Ep 60: Bee Canyon

We talk about how Cody's truck may or may not make it back from a trip to Mexico, then Jose comes on to talk about the snow wheeling we did at Bee Canyon after he saw the trail on the @offroadrookies page @falkentire

Show # 63 A Rusty Jeep subject

Hello there Jeepers! First off thank you for listening and giving us some great feedback. This show we talk about upcoming Jeep events and Jeep rust. Its not a fun topic but a lot of Jeeps are conflicted with the condition. A special thanks to Tony and the gang on our sister show (Jeep talk show) for getting http://4x4radionetwork.com/ discount on http://www.blackmagicbrakes.com/ listen for the secret code! here is the link for the events



Episode 142 – Extreme Terrain

This episode of The 4×4 Podcast is brought to you by LT Wright Knives.  These heirloom quality pieces will outlast your adventure so, plan well, drive safely, and carry an LTWK. Find out more online at http://ltwrightknives.com. Interview with Ryan Huck from Extreme Terrain Extreme Terrain on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/extremeterrainvideos https://www.extremeterrain.com/ Extreme Terrain on Instagram … Continue reading »