Ep 31: Karma and Ultra4 Racing

This week, Matt learns a lesson in Karma...make fun of Cody and it will come back to bite you, right in the pinkie toe!

We have a brief discussion about how trucks and SUV's are outselling passenger cars 2-to-1

Then we talk about Ultra4 Racing and the King of the Hammers event in Johnson Valley.



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Show #51 Jeep Myths

You're on a trail ride. A ride of not only sight and sound but of the mind. A journey into a wondrous land where staying on the trail is paramount. There is a signpost up ahead your next stop Kevins Garage.

Episode 345 – Happy Birthday JK Wrangler!

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This Week In Jeep:

Wrangler Talk: What is Wrangler? The History behind the iconic Jeep. Part 1 of 5  

Interview with: Gabe Warner with AeroX Industry

Jeep Momma Product Review: Wild Boar Grab handles on Amazon

Cherokee Love: Exhaust Manifold

Nicky G:

Wheeling Where:

Who/What: The 5th annual Ozark Off Road Adventure Fundraiser

When: Sept 14th – 16th

Where: Rush Springs Ranch Ultimate Off Road Park – Pineville Missouri

More Info: all proceeds to benefit the Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter.



Who/What: Great American Jeep Rally

When: Sept. 15th – 16th

Where: Ellington, CT. (right next to Valley Truck & Offroad)

More Info: https://www.jeeprally.org


Who/What: 4WD Hardware Jamboree,

When: Sept 21st

Where: Columbiana, OH 4WD Hardware Store

More Info:https://www.4wd.com/events/eventDetails.jsp?childEventId=jamboree


Links Mentioned in Episode 345:

Wild Boar Grab handles



Women’s Wheeling Day 2018




Ep 30: Spooky Ghost Town Adventures

We start with some listener feedback, including some comments from Cody's Mom. Yes, Cody's Mom listens to the show!

We discuss what Cody should do with the extra $2000 he just got, including some discussion about the @decked system, cold air intakes, and performance chips.

Finally, we discuss our upcoming off road run on September 8th. Where should we go? Maybe we will combine our off road trip with some spooky ghost chasing adventures! 



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This Week In Jeep: Mike Manley’s First Week as CEO

Contributor Segment:

Wrangler Talk: JT Truck Versus JKU – Discussion of the pros and cons of purchasing a JT Jeep Truck versus the JKU Jeep Wrangler. Plus Tammy is accused of driving a Red Jeep and she sets the record straight with an interview with her son explaining the colors that work for a Jeep.

Interview with: Del Albright

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: Entry to Upgrading The JK’s Dana 30

Must Have Stuff for your Jeep: Kidde FA110 Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher – $19.99 https://amzn.to/2LN0GK2

Jeep Cherokee Stock To Wheeler: n/a

Nicky G: Tips for a stolen Honda

Wheeling Where:

Annual Sheriff’s Jeepfest & Crawl for the Kids



The Annual Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion



Topless for TaTa’s



5th annual Ozark Off Road Adventure Fundraiser



Links Mentioned in Episode 344:

Ladies Off Road Training:




XT’s Deegan 38 Wrangler Armor giveaway: