Ep.320 – Air Dams, Recalls, and Eco-Nuts

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This Week In Jeep: 

Uhh Mission Control?… we have a problem…

TWIJ-1To all the U-connect users out there, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram parent company FCA recently sent out an over-the-air update for its popular (and ubiquitous) UConnect infotainment system. And as you may or may not be aware…things did not go as planned. The update is reportedly causing glitches ranging from SiriusXM not working to rendering the climate control functions completely inaccessible.

Some owners are complaining about an endless “bootloop” — essentially the system keeps restarting every 30-60 seconds. Oh, and there is the loss of the backup camera, since that’s displayed on the UConnect screen.

We’ll just call this a case of rectal cranial insertion disorder.

Ic9401c53b23270a0c97871f4434eee9e--funny-sarcasm-funny-shit[1]t was right there at the bottom of the screen for all to read. Sure it may have been the typical fine print, but it was there nonetheless, and it WAS legible. The disclaimer simply read: “This video was filmed on a man-made lake and man-made waterfall. The video was filmed on private land in the Southwest and the water does not flow to another natural body of water. The waterfall was also man-made for purposes of filming.” Paints a pretty clear picture doesn’t it?  Well, not so much to a one mister Chris Wood, who is the CEO of Trout Unlimited, a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of aquatic habitats.


TWIJ-6Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is recalling 39,456 Jeep Wrangler SUVs and Dodge Grand Caravan minivans because of a faulty brake switch. The defect makes it possible to shift the vehicles out of Park without depressing the brake pedal, and the brake lights can also can get stuck on, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The NHTSA says the conditions can increase the risk of a crash, although FCA says it is not aware of any injuries or crashes related to the problem to date.

Jeep Tips:

Steve 4.3LXJ – Finding Trails (pt1)

Wrangler Talk:

Jeep Momma’s Top 5 Must Have Tools for the Trail

Tools on the list compiled from fellow Jeepers.

#1 BFH – Hammer
#2 Adjustable Wrench
#3 Big Screwdriver or Pry Bar
#4 Socket Set and Ratchet
#5 Vice Grip Pliers
#6 Screwdriver and Bits
#7 Zip Ties
#8 Duct Tape
#9 Bottle Jack
#10 Flashlight

Honorable mention each with one vote on tools to take with you when you off road. Self Igniting propane torch, breaker bar, knife, wire, Welder, saw, Jeep Momma, ballpoint press, st. Christopher medal, bubble gum and a bible.

Listener Reviews:

angry-phone-lady[1]Mark F. wrote into the show

Hey I’m a new listen and this show is great!! I’m going to be checking out Treadwright {tires} when I’m up for new tires. I wish I knew about them before I bought my KM2’s a year and a half ago!! Awesome show can’t wait to hear the next episode!



Tech Talk With Jeep Talk:

Coming up on Tech Talk in future episodes

16832158_1757534121228875_2607117037040501657_n[1]Here is a “heads up” on some of the things we’re going to be covering in the coming weeks, I thought I’d throw a few teasers your way. In the very near future we’re going to go over some of the things you need to take into consideration when shopping for components to upgrade your audio system. We’ll be talking Jeep specific security too, No sense in letting all that new gear go to a thief in the night. We’ll be talking transmission coolers, what they do, and how they benefit you off road and on. We’ll be talking about fuel economy tips and tricks and whether or not a propane conversion is something you want to put on your radar. We’ll get a little into cheap and effective axle upgrades that just about anyone can do, and even talk a little about general maintenance…

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The newest generation of Wrangler is finally here! Have you been able to spot one yet? ExtremeTerrain was among the first to get their hands on a new 2018 JL Wrangler and they have been hard at work on their latest YouTube review series. Their latest addition to this series is their in-depth engine and drive train review video, which shines light on many of the questions out there such as availability, specifications, and special features. ExtremeTerrain brand ambassador Ryan Huck takes you through each configuration one-by- one with his expert explanation and detailed analysis—nobody does it quite like these guys. We’re sure everyone here is familiar with the Pentastar V6, but in ExtremeTerrain’s latest video, you hear all about the advancements made to give it a little more efficiency this time around. Speaking of efficiency, did someone say Mild-Hybrid? To some Jeepers, this may sound like straight-up blasphemy, but coming soon to the JL line-up will be a 2-liter Turbo 4-cylinder, equipped with a Belt Start Generator to assist the petroleum powered combustion unit. If you think that’s extreme, how about a 3-liter Eco-Diesel? Not enough for ya? Well the plug-in hybrid JL should take the cake. Which one do you think will have more power? Tune in to find out! Visit extremeterrain.com today to watch this latest episode or click the link in the show notes for this episode at Jeeptalkshow.com

Interview with:

Gary (no the other Gary!) with the Northwest Jeepcast

From The Mind Of NickyG Promo

Don’t miss this week’s offerings from Nicky G!  Exclusively on the Jeep Talk Show!

Jeep Momma’s Product Review:

Air Dam: What’s the Purpose?

Things I’ve heard, or read it will do;

The Air Dam will stop some water from getting into your engine. Some water? what about the other water? I guess the “other” water doesn’t hurt your engine. But without the Air Dam “some” water will damage it.
The Air Dam provides additional cooling to your engine.
Removal of the Air Dam will create hood “flutter”.  Hood “flutter” — Death “wobble” Jeez they never told me this when I bought my Jeep. It’s making me a little nervous.
The removal of the Air Dam will lower your MPG by 1 or 2 points. Hmmm does it matter if I’m at 16 mpg or 15 mpg.

Cherokee Love:

Getting your Jeep’s build Sheet

The build sheet tells you all the wonderful things that your Jeep “had” on it when it was fresh from the factory.  Who knows your Jeep may still be factory!  Now you can find out.

Click here to get your Jeep’s build sheet, get your VIN number first!

Camp Fireside Chat: (General chit-chat like Jeepers do around the campfire.)


I hate flushing money down the drain


My new shirt I’m kinda a big deal, and wheeling with Nate (audio clip!)

Wheeling Where:

This is where we talk about what events are comin’ up in your neck of the woods and around the nation….

Who/What: 56th Annual Tierra del Sol desert Safari
When: March 2nd – 4th
Where: Just outside of San Diego California
More Info:

Come out and experience the magic and splendor of southern California’s finest wheeling. This year will be another epic event with fantastic vendors onsite and the best raffle on the planet (over $150k in prizes)…Yes, we are going to do it again! We want to give a big shout out to Jeremy Coffin, who sent us the details of this event. He went last year and said it was a blast.

Judging from what I’ve read on the web about this event, he’s not mistaken.

Who/What: Reno Off-Road & Motorsports Expo
When: March 16th – 18th
Where: Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Reno Nevada
More Info:

Who/What: Easter Jeep Safari
When: 03/24 – 03/31
Where: MOAB Utah
More Info:

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Ep.319 – Jeep Scores Big in The Super Bowl

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This Week In Jeep: [00:01:49]

TWIJ-1You want fries with that?

And by fries I mean the boosted performance and economy that comes with a turbo.

As a break from tradition, the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL will be available with a turbocharged gasoline four-cylinder engine. Sources say the 268-horsepower, 295 lb-ft of torque turbo-four is now available to be ordered from Jeep dealers around the U.S. The kicker is that even though choosing the 2.0-liter direct-injection turbo is a $1,000 option over the base, 285-horsepower 3.6-liter V6 with 260 lb-ft of torque…. it will only be available with the eight-speed automatic transmission. Which is itself a $2,000 option. Bringing the turbo total to $3,000.

TWIJ-4Mini Jeep

I’ve got to give a big Jeep wave and a special Jeep Talk Show shout-out to The students of Victoria West High School Engineering & Math department.   Who modified and customized, a child’s electric Power Wheels Toy. You know one of those little miniaturized electric vehicles that kids can fit in and drive…  (This was part of the nationwide program called Go Baby Go,) …but this power wheels was different. It was of course a Jeep, specially modified to accommodate 4 yr old Abel, whose disability prevents him from being mobile on his own.


J2018-jeep-wrangler-anti-manifesto[1]eep Scores Big in The Super Bowl

I know it seemed like it was all just one big tide commercial, but there were Over 50 companies that advertised in the 2018 Super Bowl game. 

Out of all three metrics that YouGov BrandIndex measured in the Super Bowl brands, only three companies made it to the top ten in earnings growth. Advertisers that see a sales boost, if any, from their ads can be found on the Purchase Consideration gainers chart, a key metric of potential sales revenue. Netflix made the biggest gains, followed by Hulu. Both teased amazing originals that are scheduled to be released this year.


Jeep Tips!: [00:15:09]

Steve (4.3lxj) Part 2 of Jeep axle camber

Wrangler Talk: [00:28:27]

Jeep Momma’s Top 5 Must-Do Off Road Mods

26992024_2091752667725024_7753156139547172837_n[1]When I first started off-roading, I took it slow. I got to know what my stock Jeep Wrangler could do by taking some instructional off-road driving classes. I stuck to the less difficult green trails. As I gained experience and confidence, I knew it was time to start making some modifications to my Jeep. But what changes and where to start was a daunting task. Just like I mentioned last week in Episode 318 when I share the Top 5 Must Have Jeep Accessories products for Jeep Modifications can be just as overwhelming. So here are my Top 5 Modifications to make to your Jeep Wrangler for off-road readiness. These Top 5 aren’t all the modifications you can make, but a great basic start.



  1. Tow Points
  2. Rock Sliders
  3. Diff Covers
  4. Skid Plates
  5. Air Dam Removal


Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: [00:37:17]

Let’s Get Synthetic

20170219_180501-squareIt seems like anytime you’re around the campfire, and you start talking about winches and recovery, the topic of synthetic winch line is right behind. It has become a hugely popular choice in recent years as it continues to outperform the cable we’re all used to. So what IS this phenomenon that has dethroned the reigning winch rope champion?  First of all, you may have heard synthetic winch rope operating under aliases such as “plasma” rope or “syn” rope. And while it seems like a recently new presence on the winch scene, it’s actually been around since the mid-1990s.



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0012282[1]“The Jeep Wrangler’s exterior is one of the most distinguishable on and off road vehicles today. There’s no denying that 7-bar grill when you see it cruising down the road, trail or in the mall parking lot. It’s the reason why many of us raise a paw in salutation—to celebrate the legacy and history which embodies the Wrangler community. The team over at ExtremeTerrain understands how important and iconic the exterior of your Wrangler is. Jeepers all over the world visit ExtremeTerrain.com routinely, as a trusted authority in the Wrangler aftermarket realm, to research and purchase exterior dress-up items that not only look great, but function superbly and withstand the test of time. ExtremeTerrain.com carries a wide selection of Jeep Wrangler Parts for the 1987 YJ all the way up to the new 2018 JL. To celebrate the arrival of the new 2018 JL Wrangler, ExtremeTerrain has created an educational series of in-depth review videos focused on their very own brand-spankin’- new 2018 JLU Sahara. These videos are geared toward the aftermarket, (hosted by ExtremeTerrain hype man Ryan Huck) and speculate what the future holds for this new generation Wrangler. You can view their latest episode in this 5-part series at ExtremeTerrain.com or through the link in the show notes at JeepTalkShow.com


Interview with:  [00:48:45]

Meredith with Turn5 / Extreme Terrain

19656917_10213982601425934_348190636191293812_n[1]I have a 2007 JKU Sahara that I bought my senior year of High school and have been modifying ever since. I actually got into Extreme Terrain and Turn 5 as a company by being a customer to start, and then applying to customer service. Shortly there after that there was a random audition for a position as a Wrangler host, and I figured talking about Wranglers is what I like to do, so why not give it a shot. I ended up landing the position, and now I am here growing with the company as well as the Jeep community.

As you can imagine working here that the mod bug has bitten me pretty bad. I have done a lot to my Wrangler since I picked it up: Teraflex 4 inch lift, 35 inch mud claw tires, 17 inch steel wheels, flat fenders, HD front and rear bumper, Bestop super-top, rocker guards, Light bars, LED lighting from the front to the back, and the list goes on with other smaller goodies.

I also have a couple of things in the works in terms of future mods, and just have not pulled the trigger on installing them yet. I have Chromeoly axles, ARB front air locker, 5.13 gears for the front and back, axle sleeves and gussets for my Dana 30, 37 inch Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ’s, a winch, an air compressor set up and a couple other things that go along to accommodate those mods like a better switch panel and such. Not to mention a lot of other things that I want to get because modifying your Wrangler never comes to an end.

From the Mind of Nicky G: [01:16:30]

Nicky G announces his new sponsor, Reynolds Aluminum Foil!

Must Have Jeep Stuff:

JKS 1100 Front Adjustable Bump Stop Kit for Jeep JK/TJ/XJ/MJ/ZJ ($269.27 + $3.99 shipping)

41pYRsrWo5L[1]Variable height landing pad spacer system ensures correct bump stop clearance for virtually any lift and tire combination. Allows proper setup of bump stops to prevent suspension from bottoming out. Easily compensates for vehicle changes, spring settling and sagging. Conveniently allows changes to bump stop clearance without removing coils from vehicle. Practical upgrade for inferior bump stop extensions and fixed-length designs.



Cherokee Love:

What tire size can I fit?

Tony Josh and Tammy have a discussion about tire sizes, lifts, and ground clearance related to tire size.  Unfortunately there is no easy answer for what tire size you can fit on your Jeep.

Wheeling Where:

Who/What: Easter Jeep Safari
When: 03/24 – 03/31
Where: MOAB Utah
More Info: www.rr4w.com

Who/What: California 4Wheel Association Convention
When: 02/16-02-18
Where: Riverside Marriott in Riverside, CA
More Info: https://cal4wheel.com/events/convention

This year apparently has a theme of Steampunk… and there will not only be a table decoration contest, but also a costume contest, so this might be a good event to crash for the sake of the costumes if nothing else. If you are going…we’re going to need some pics and some inside stories of how it went.

More Info: jeepersjamboree.com

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CentreSteer #58 – There’s No Bloody Giftshop

The fifty-eighth episode.

Guest: Nigel Cass, Cass Racing 0:44 – 1:30

Guest: Casey Deming, Griffin Pocket Tool, Georgia Bushcraft 1:31 – 1:51


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Ep.317 – Will Jeep use ARB lockers in new Jeep?

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This Week In Jeep: New Jeep Pickup Better Than the New Wrangler

Jeeps smallest SUV ever NOT in the US

Wrangler Talk: 5 Must Have’s Off Road Recovery Kit

Interview with: Scott with ARB 4 x 4 Accessories

Part 10 with Steve 4.3LXJ Airing Down

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: How to Buy a Used Winch (part 1 of 2)

Cherokee Love: The Importance of Tow Points

Wheeling Where:

Winching Clinic: www.4x4training.com

56th Annual Desert Safari www.tds4x4.com

Links Mentioned in Episode 317:

ARB: http://arbusa.com/

Josh: www.thevoiceofjosh.com

Tammy’s Blog: www.JeepMomma.com

Quick Fist Clamp: https://www.amazon.com/Original-Quick-Fist-mounting-equipment/dp/B000CQPANY

Ep.316 – On Board Air and YouTube Monetization

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This Week In Jeep: New Spy photos reveal the new upcoming Jeep pick-up could have a fold down windshield.   

Wrangler Talk: Tammy shares some tips to protect your Jeep from the salt by using Permatex Rust Treatment, Krylon Rust Treatment, and Fluid Film.   

Interview with: Clyde from the Roadhouse share some new endeavors.

Steve 4.3LXJ shares some more airing up tips Nate and Clyde chime in with some great information.

Jeep Momma Product Review: The SEMA Offoad/4×4 Product of the Year    

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The Beast – Two Ton Big Wheel Off Road Jack – www.Proeagle.com

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Ep.315 -The Voice of Jeep and Real Numbers for the Trackhawk

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This Week In Jeep: The Fastest SUV on the Planet

Wrangler Talk: Soft Top Care  

Interview with: Kelley Buttrick – KB4Jeep

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: Hot Shocks part 2

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Ep.314 – Top 5 Must Have Jeep Kits, Measuring For New Shocks

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This Week In Jeep: Jeep Lawsuit

Extreme Wrangler: Wheeling with kids – Nate’s Daughter Interview

Wrangler Talk: 5 Must Have Jeep Kits

Interview with: Anthony w/Treadwright Tires

Must Have Jeep Stuff: Remote Start

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: The Definitive Guide to Shocks


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Ep.313 – Jeep Girls Take Over The Show!

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This Week In Jeep: Jeep Truck Update!

Wrangler Talk: 2018 Goals/Look Back 2017

Interview with: Michigan Jeep Girl

Jeep Momma Product Review: Monkey Wrench

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Ep.312 Jeep Giveaways and New Mods

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Merry Christmas from the Jeep Talk Show Crew!

This Week In Jeep: Jeep Giveaways, JL Shaker Hood?

Jeep Tips: Steve 4.3lxj Airing Up

Wrangler Talk: New Mods for Tammy’s Jeep

Interview with: Taylor with Wheelers for the Wounded

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: Cold Air Intakes

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