Episode 18 LIVE Recording!

Derek and I are going to be doing an experiment with episode 18 using Google Hangouts On Air. You’ll be able to jump in, watch and (maybe) comment on the discussion! This should be fun! And if it turns into a train wreck, don’t worry, The 4×4 Podcast will always be an audio podcast!

Dealing With Challenges

Have you ever felt like Murphy’s Law was in full effect?  Yeah, me too.  And it seemed like everything that could go wrong and could keep my family from going camping was happening.  For all the juicy details, check out my audio recording.  Listen to the audio here. Perseverance always pays off!  In the end, … Continue reading »

Adventure Outfitting for Kids

Wether you’re camping, 4wheeling or just out for a hike, with kids you’ve got to be prepared to keep them happy. If you focus some attention on the little one(a) comfort and happiness while on the trail, you’re in for a miserable experience. With that in mind, I’ve starting putting together a “Kid’s Survival Bag”.  … Continue reading »