Johnson Valley OHV Area Guaranteed Temporary Protection from Base Expansion – King of the Hammers Continues

Thanks to the efforts of the SEMA Action Network (SAN), Off-Road Business Association (ORBA) and a n of other land use groups, continued off-highway vehicle (OHV) access to Johnson Valley, California has been guaranteed for now by the U.S. Congress. Congress has included a provision with the 2013 Defense Authorization Act that requires the U.S. … Continue reading »

Grab a Wrench

My favorite new offroading news website is Grab a Wrench! Each day, you’re greeted with 1-3 new products to the offroading world.  Sometimes it’s unique rigs for sale and being too be wheeled.  Sometimes they point out great deals on products I’ve been pinning for.  It’s always full of great content though and I recommend … Continue reading »

Adventure IQ Podcast

If your like me, then you can’t get enough adventure.  And you already know that I’m a fan of audio podcasts because you can listen to them on those long highway drives to the trails. Adventure IQ is an audio podcast that blends outdoor education and the adventure lifestyle into a great listening experience. Rob … Continue reading »

Really GM?! Missing Hood Latches

GM has just announced a recall of 118,000 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups over missing hood latches.  Really GM?! I understand that sometimes, over the course of a vehicles life is discovered that a certain component has a shorter lifespan than originally expected but a missing component is unacceptable.  Hood latches actually are a … Continue reading »

XOverland Episode 6 – Revelations

Episode 6 Revelations from Hiline Productions on Vimeo. This is Expedition Overlands season 1 final episode! The revelations of who the guys are as Overlanders comes full circle. Travel with the guys from XO through Idaho and get ready for the biggest news yet! I’ve had so much fun watching how Clay and his crew … Continue reading »

400 Likes On Facebook!

We’ve reached another milestone! 400 likes on Facebook! As the show continues to grow and reach new listeners, we want to continue to improve the quality of the audio, the content and the frequency of the episodes.  You guys inspire me to continue to improve.  I also want to continue to educate you guys on … Continue reading »