Episode 34 – Camp4Lo.com Baja Tours

    In episode 34, we feature an interview with Matt from Camp4Lo.com.  Camp4Lo.com is introducing a new tour service of Baja Mexico.  Their tour service is unique in that its a self-drive bring your own vehicle tour.  They have a pair of Ford Broncos to help lead you a long.  In addition to providing … Continue reading »

Episode 33 – The Trasharoo

On episode 33, we bring you an interview with Dave Druck from Trasharoo and Adventure Duo.  We also discuss a few news articles including:  Land Rover producing a special 65th anniversary edition, the US Federal government’s war on LR Defender imports, how you can help Brad and Sheena from the Drive Nacho Drive blog drive … Continue reading »

Aldrich Pond Trail Scouting Day Trip

Having grown up in Colorado and exploring various other western states areas I’ve become very used to the concept of public land and BLM stuff. Unfortunately, this is stuff that the east coast of the United States knows basically nothing about. I’ve scoured the website for New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) but I … Continue reading »