Ep.166 – XJ TALK SHOW!

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  • This Week In Jeep – Tammy – JeepMomma
    • Next generation Jeep Wrangler will keep it’s solid axles
    • Jeeps manufacturing to stay in Ohio
    • Boston people leaping from great heights, mayor telling them to stop
  • Quick Jeep Tip – Steve 4.3lxj – Oil Absorption
  • Voice Mails
    • Enlisted Budget Videos
    • Nicky G
  • Welcome to our new YouTube subscribers! (http://youtube.com/xjtalk)
  • Camp Fire Side Chat!
  • WranglerTalk – Tammy – JeepMomma (http://jeepmomma.com, http://WranglerTalk.com)
    • What Jeep Wrangler is right for you?

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Ep.165 – Jeep JK Steering Damper

  • This Week In Jeep – Josh (NW99XJ)
    • The launch of the new Jeep Renegade comes with some baggage
    • Will we see diesel engines in the new generation of Jeeps here in the state after all?
    • Got Jeep news?  Send it to NEWSTIPS@XJTALKSHOW.COM
  • Quick Jeep Tips! – Steve 4.3lxj – Shop Rags
  • Voice Mails
    • NickyG
    • NickyG
  • Welcome to our new YouTube Subscribers
  • Camp Fire Side Chat
    • Josh talks about politics in the NorthWest chapter of NAXJA.org
  • Amazon You Bought What?!?!?
  • Quick Jeep Tips! – Steve 4.3lxj – Cookie Sheets
  • WranglerTalk – Tammy “Jeep Momma” (http://jeepmomma.com)
    • Steering attenuator for the Jeep Wrangler Review

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Caps and Beanies

Back by popular demand, I’m taking orders for caps and beanies. This are high quality hats and all the proceeds go directly to supporting the podcast media hosting fees.  Since I can’t figure out the stupid e-commerce thing I’m not taking orders directly.  Please email me at the4x4podcast@yahoo.com with the color and size of hat … Continue reading »