Ep.191 – Cody of Trailchasers.net Joins Us Live!

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This Week In Jeep with Josh

  • Six of the Top 20 Most Dangerous Vehicles are from Fiat/Chrysler!
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The Grand Adventure with Cody – Trailchasers.net


Cody discusses what a “REAL JEEP” is… You would be surprised!!!

Wrangler Talk with Tammy – Jeep Momma.com



Now that I finished installing my Barricade Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier what should I do next. I decided to fortify my undercarriage. Tune in to see which skid I decide to install first.







Camp Fire Side Chat

Tony – Almost time for a new set of tires.  What do you recommend?

Josh – Was you’re 4.0L header put together with JB Weld?

Tammy – Researching skid plates

Cody – New compressor installation in the WJ


Jeep Momma Product Review


Barricade Adjustable Brake Light Bracket with LED from Extreme Terrain

Brake Light Install Jeep Momma Blog Post





Wheeling Where?

if you got an event coming up in your area.. lets get the word out! Whether it’s a show & Shine, a cruise in, a club run, a fundraiser, or a huge event like the easter Jeep Safari, LET US KNOW by giving us a call, OR send us an email to newstips@JeepTalkshow.com

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    • I wonder if Peri Gilpin listens to the show?

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# 18 Jim Beaver, Down and Dirty Radio Show

Jim Beaver is an offroader, trophy truck driver and host of the largest action motorports radio show on the planet the Down and Dirty  Radio Show. His show hits a ton of off road topics from desert racing to rally to motocross as well as some great interviews. In this episode Jim and I chat about quite a few topics mainly desert racing and off road, the future of radio and his impressive racing lineage.

I.008 – Devon of Admiral Offroad

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Tony take a step back and Josh gets in front of the mic for this interview with Devon of Admiral Offroad.

Get an adult beverage, sit back and let the melodious tones wash over you.  You might just learn something new!

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Ep.190 – Working on your own Jeep

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This Week In Jeep with Josh

FCA announces the new and improved Jeep Cherokee for the UK market that gets and impressive diesel engine.  Check out the podcast for the “Josh” version of this story… Hysterical

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Admiral Offroad Interview Uploaded http://traffic.libsyn.com/tonymuckleroy/I.008-Admiral_Offroad

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Loving the new WJ section!
by Joe Safety on Aug 19, 2015
Rating: ★★★★★

I love my XJ, but I’m growing on to my WJ real fast. Love the new WJ section to go along with all the other great programming! You do a great job, keep up the good work.

WranglerTalk – Wrenching on her Jeep – Tammy


Last week on Episode 189 I shared my removal of my factory rear bumper as I prepared my 2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon for the installation of my newBarricade Trailforce HD Bumper with Tire Carrier.  This rear bumper will allow me to upgrade my tires to a bigger size, eventually. The tire carrier will take the weight off the tailgate.
There are many different types of bumpers to choose from with ExtremeTerrain Rear Bumpers —  but I figured it would look best to have the rear bumper match my front bumper, which I installed last year.

Jeep Momma’s Blog Post on her Rear Bumper Install



Camp Fire Side Chat

Tony and Josh prep their Jeeps for future off-roading — while Tammy takes a day to Pamper herself.

Wheeling Where?

You can Wheel with Josh!!!

Who/What: Wheelin With NW99XJ
When:  Friday Sept 4th
Where:  Tillamook State Forest OHV Area
More Info: email me at newstips@JeepTalkShow.com


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Ep.189 – A Day Late and a Dollar Short!

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Big thanks to the JEEP TALK SHOW team for getting together on Monday night to record this episode!  We had equipment issues last Thursday.

  • This Week In Jeep
    • Jeep keeps setting sales goals
    • FCA KNEW about the hacking vulnerability of it’s vehicles WELL in advance, and said nothing…
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  • Jeep Momma’s Product Review – J.T. Brooks Automatic Tire Deflator
  • WranglerTalk – Age, Tools, Rear Bumper Sag
  • Camp Fire Side Chat
    • Tony – Jeep running good in 106 air temps
    • Josh – Prepping for a September 4th off road run
    • Tammy – installs her birthday gifts on her Jeep
  • Wheeling Where?!?!

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