Ep.195 – Essential Items for Off Roading

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This Week In Jeep – Tammy

  • Jeep Compass and Patriot Replacement Spotted in Camouflage

  • Jeep Cherokee owners frustrated by transmission problems

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WranglerTalk – Tammy- Jeep Momma



Essential Items Needed for Off Roading!

Are you prepared to hit the trails in your Jeep?

Tune into the podcast to see what essentials you need to be safe and prepared.


Jeep Momma’s Blog Post Essentials for Offroading CLICK HERE




The Grand Adventure

Cody with Trailchasers.net

Jeep Momma Review

DayStar D-Ring Isolator kit

Find out if the isolator kit stopped Jeep Momma’s rear bumper from “Clanging”.


Check out the review on the Jeep Momma Blog   Click Here







What’s Happening on xjtalk.com (http://www.xjtalk.com/showthread.php?p=214340)

Steve 4.3lxj hitting 25,000 helpful posts on xjtalk.com!


Camp Fire Side Chat

Cody from trailchasers.net joins us at the campfire


Plus lots more…

From the Mind of Nicky G! 3 voice mails this episode…See what he has to say!

Wheeling Where… Quadratec is having a tent sale. Tune for more details.

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Ep.194 – Winter Jeep Prep and Tips!

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This Week In Jeep – Josh NW99XJ

  • FCA US Named A Top Employer by LATINA Style Magazine

  • Jeep Wrangler production disrupted by small pain shop fire

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Wrangler Talk with JeepMomma


-Old Man Winter is just around the corner. Tammy aka Jeep Momma shares Winter Jeep Prep and Tips for Winter weather and your Jeep.








Amazon You Bought What?

Daystar Isolator Kit

Tune in this Thursday Live to hear Jeep Momma’s review

Do they really stop the “clanging”?






Jeep Tips!

– Rear Main Seal – Jon, Prerunner1982


CJ Talk with Anton Supercroc


Shop Talk

Rust Solutions with Supercroc






Camp Fire Side Chat


Josh – Weekend of repairs.

Tammy – Oil change and tire rotation 5th tire included.






Wheeling Where?

NorCal Jeepers are making a run to Barrett Lake

Mega Truck Series Arbuckle Off-Road OK

Check out the Podcast for details.


Plus More…

From the mind of Nicky G!

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Voice Mail XJjake
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Ep.193 – What’s All that Junk In Your Trunk?

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    This Week In Jeep with Josh

    – Jeep Renegade Rumored for Trackhawk Performance Package
    FCA has little something to celebrate
    – According to Allpar news Jeep remains the strongest SUV brand in the U.S.

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    Wrangler Talk with Tammy of JeepMomma.com

    Is there too much Junk in Jeep Momma’s Trunk?






    The Grand Adventure with Cody of TrailChasers.net

    Pros and Cons of the Grand Cherokee Models



    Jeep Momma Product Review


    – RightLine Trunk Storage bag from www.RedKittyIndustries.com

    ——   JeepTalkShow  — Coupon code valid until 9/20/2015 — 10% off entire order   ——





    Camp Fire Side Chat



    Tony – New tires on the 98 XJ


    Josh – Spider bites! Bored out throttle body woes.


    Tammy – New air compressor. Interviewed by Emory U student for Fiat Chrysler Case Compentition





    Wheeling Where?

    Knox Offroad Jeep & 4WD Club presents:  Wheeler’s for the Wounded 2015


    Plus More…

    From the Mind of Nicky G!

    • Voice Mails
    • Welcome to our newest YouTube subscribers
    • Show Reviews!
    • What’s happening on xjtalk.com?

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    Ep.192 – Wrangler Give the Cherokee the Boot!

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    The Countdown Begins…

    Just 8 episodes left until our special 200th! Tune into the Podcast to find out how you can win some cool prizes we are going to giveaway.


    This Week In Jeep with Josh

    The Wrangler is giving the Cherokee the boot

    Wrangler Talk with Tammy, Jeep Momma.com

    My Jeep Wrangler’s Load Capacity and what it means…

    Is my Jeep too Fat?










    Camp Fire Side Chat

    Tony – Tire decision for the 1998 Jeep Cherokee

    Josh Header repairs, valve cover gasket, and other little stuff

    Tammy – Tires, spare tire, and new power wrench



    CJ Talk with Anton aka. Supercroc

    Phoenix Build Link

    Anton starts on his CJ build with the first steps in a long project.







    Voice Mails

    3 new listeners call in with questions and comments

    Plus From the Mind of Nicky G!


    Wheeling Where?

    if you got an event coming up in your area.. lets get the word out! Whether it’s a show & Shine, a cruise in, a club run, a fundraiser, or a huge event like the easter Jeep Safari, LET US KNOW by giving us a call, OR send us an email to newstips@JeepTalkshow.com

    ….AND a whole lot more

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