Show # 7 transfer case talk and phone call with Kurt Eades

Well Jeeples this show was a fun one, lots of laughs to be had. Kevin and Scott shead some light on the mysterious transfer case. They talk about what it does and why its important. The guys also speak with Kurt Eades. He's on a country wide adventure with his JKU named Jake. OTT also would like to give a special acknowledgement to Dirty Jeep Girl and the Southern Jeep Society for their work on the Back the Blue event that gained some national attention supporting LEOs, that's something we all should do now more than ever. As always thanks for listening and please tell your friends. Just a quick FYI open the FILL plug first. we were tired....

I.10 – Interview of Rich Klien of Trail Hero

Josh takes a few minutes to speak with Rich Klien of Trail Hero.

Who is Trail Hero?

We are enthusiasts that want to make a difference in not just our sport but our local economy. We plan to use over 2 decades of off-road industry experience to tie together a community at risk of losing public land. With the help of all the sports promoters and land use groups; this event was created to raise awareness, create excitement and give back to the community. Each day of the event has a theme that ties our roots back to Hurricane, Utah, the community that has embraced our sport and helped develop Southern Utah’s off-road culture.


JTCiS Ep.9 – What Trail Food do you take?

Just dial 302-202-1110, and enter in the code 219835

Join Tammy and Tony each week for the first ever Jeep call in show!

Gina from calls in to talk about trail food and a tragic

RV fire on their way back from beautiful Colorado.

In our second half Steve 4.3LXJ calls in to explain why his then girlfriend received frost bite on just one hand after a night time adventure in a Jeep.


CentreSteer #42 – Land Rovers Are Magic

The forty-second episode.

Guest: TeriAnn Wakeman, websiteOverland Travel book

4×4 Radio Network Stitcher Radio & Podcasts

"More Lessons Learned" by the M Word.

Ep.247 – Special Guest Host John Centre Steer Podcast

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