Ep.252 – Jeep owner gets a suprise from junkyard

  • This Week In Jeep
    • Jeep Hero Story
    • That’s a negative ghost rider…
    • Jeep owner gets a surprise from the junkyard
  • Help Ted McAfee’s Family
  • WranglerTalk
    • 4 Annual Woman’s Wheeling Report
  • Tech Talk with Jeep Talk
    • Winterizing your Jeep
  • Voice Mails
    • Unknown
    • YJ Nate
  • From the Mind of NickyG
  • Jeep Momma Product Review
    • Cover King Seat Cover
  • Camp Fire Side Chat
  • Wheeling Where?!?!


Show # 8 Jeeptoberfest wrap up

First off thank you to my Nephew Caleb for the intro. Also a big thanks to Chrissy Johnson for giving us a update on KFTF. It's a great event and we hope top see you there. Show # 8 Is being released early as a treat to our loyal listeners. Without you guys and gals supporting us we wouldn't be here. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Ocala Jeep Club did a awesome job with this years event. It's always one of our favorites. We talk about some side projects and Kevins Garage has a special Jeep hack. If you have a Jeep hack send it to us and if we read it we'll send you a little gift. Thanks again for checking us out and listening. s

JTCiS Ep.13 – Your Jeep Adventure?

Callers: 302-202-1110 219835

Tammy and Tony talk to you about you and your Jeep!

Tonight’s question; What’s your best Jeep adventure?


Jesse, Steve, Rob, Josh, Erik

Ep.251 – Big Recall on Wranglers!

  • This Week In Jeep
    • Big Recall on Wranglers
    • Transamerican Auto Parts to be Acquired by Polaris
  • Take Our Survey! http://JeepTalkShow.com/survey
  • WranglerTalk – Trivia!
  • Reviews!
    • DennisH125
    • D.L.Dunn (a.k.a. Sick and twisted bastard!)
  • Tech Talk with Jeep Talk
    • What is a BCM and why do you need one? Renegade?
  • Voice Mails
    • Goose
    • Joliet Johnny
    • Mike from NJ
  • Radio Comm Tech
    • Different bands, different propagation!
  • Must Have Stuff for your Jeep!
    • Rubi-Cam
  • Camp Fire Side Chat
    • Josh – it sits
    • Tammy Prepping, and the wax is back
  • Wheeling Where?!?!?