JTCiS Ep.28 – Guest – Brian Root One Six

Tammy and Tony speak with our very special guest, Brian with Root One Six (https://www.rootonesix.com/)


“We live the Jeep Life and want the best for our Jeep Family. Without breaking the bank!”



Episode 122 – Taylor Adney and Overland Textile Co

On this episode, we bring you an interview with Taylor Adney.  Taylor is the CEO of Overland Textile Co (https://www.overlandtextile.com), a company that specializes in bringing quality clothing, leather goods, and other high quality gear to the overlander, offroader, and outdoor enthusiasts.  Taylor is also involved in a group called, The Overland Adventures (http://theoverlandadventures.net) that … Continue reading »

Jammock Give Away! It’s a hammock for your Jeep!


You’re on Facebook, right?  Sure everyone else {rolls eyes}  Now post a Facebook LIVE video telling Tony, Josh and Tammy why you MUST have, can’t live without a Jammock for your Jeep!

Be sure and put @jeeptalkshow in the comments of your video so they’ll see it, and LIKE the Jeep Talk Show Facebook page! http://facebook.com/jeeptalkshow

That’s it!  Tony, Josh and Tammy will pick the best Facebook LIVE video and announce the winner of the Jammock on an upcoming Jeep Talk Show episode.

Can’t wait?  Then just go to http://jammock.com and get you a Jammock for your Jeep, who knows you might have two, one for the front seats and one for the back seats!

Ep.269 – 40+ Year Old Jeep vs. Protected Sand

  • This Week In Jeep
    • Jeep Stuck in Cape Cope Sand Dune for 40 years
    • Jeep Recon is Dead!
  • Wrangler Extreme
    • A special little known(?) Axle
  • Wrangler Talk
    • Camera Mounts
    • Message from Dan with The 4×4 Podcast
  • Reviews
    • Adan Vargas
    • ccowan14
    • Black JK Mike
  • Voice Mail
    • Jason “now” in Virginia
  •  Amazon You Bought What?!?
    • XL Hammock Tree Straps
    • Team Losi Baja 4WD R/C
    • Great Stuff Gap Filler
  • Camp Fire Chat
    • Tammy’s swing gate is stuck!


JTCiS Ep.27 – What’s Your Next Modification?

Tammy and Tony take your calls and answer the question, What’s your next modification to your Jeep?

Our callers were…

Sid (Or we called him that)

Please join us next Tuesday and every Tuesday at 8pm CT!


Jeep Talk Show 2017-02-17 07:32:52

This Week In Jeep: Jeep Layoffs

Extreme Wrangler: The Aluminum Dana 44

Wrangler Talk: Looking for the Perfect Off Road Video Camera

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: Fixing A Cherokee Heater Core

Wheeling Where: http://uorexpo.com/

Jeep Momma Product Review: The Jammock: A Hammock For Your Jeep

Jeep Talk Show Give Away: Jammock Give Away Details  

Links Mentioned in Episode 268:





JTCiS Ep.26 – Guest Mike with TPTFabSpec.com

Mike with TPT Fabrication Specialties joins Tammy and Tony to talk about http://tptfabspec.com and their line of Jeep JK products.


Episode 121 – KOH 2017

On the 121st episode of The 4×4 Podcast, Dan, Craig, and Rich catch up since its been so long since the last episode.  The guys also talk about the 2017 King of the Hammers.  The King of the Hammers is an annual off road racing event that takes place in Johnson Valley, California.  It is … Continue reading »

Ep.267 – Extreme Nate Part 5 Jeep Axle Series, Dana 44

  • This Week in Jeep
    • FCA Deliveries are down
    • Poorly Timed Jump, motorcycle creases Jeep hood
  • Wrangler Extreme
    • Part 5 of our Jeep Axle series, Dana 44
  • Wrangler Talk
    • Life After Lift – Part 3
  • Reviews
    • Adan Vargas
    • Tom Shumaker
    • Kenneth Maliga
    • Duston Higdon
  • Tech Talk with Jeep Talk
    • What’s all the noise?
  • Voice Mail
    • Zac from Santa Barbara
  • From the Mind of NickyG
    • Can the hosts SH*T on Nicky’s punchline?
  • Wheeling Where?!?


JTCiS Ep.25 – Have you upgraded your steering?

Tammy and Tony speak with LIVE callers!

This show they speak with…

SpaceRag (Erik)