Show 18 Winches and Gears

Hello and thanks for listening to another episode of your favorite Jeep podcast. On this show we discuss winch safety. After seeing a few grisly photos on social media we decided to cover this topic. And I make a important announcement about a new toy to help bring you more content. And Kevin talks gears in the garage. Thanks again for listening and don't forget to review and rate us 5 stars on iTunes.

JTCiS Ep.32 – Is Washing Your Jeep a Sin?

Tammy and Tony ask the age old question is it a sin to wash your Jeep?

Spoiler alert! Everyone uses the “but there’s SALT” defense….

Steve (4.3LXJ) and Mark from Canada call in with their thoughts!



Ep.273 – Is Your Jeep Still Safe After Winch Bumper?

This Week In Jeep: New proto type Jeep Grand Cherokee

Extreme Wrangler: Axle what should you run

Wrangler Talk: Running out of Jeep Accessories what to do?

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: Is Your Jeep Safe After Winch Bumper?

Wheeling Where:

Who/What: Quadratec with Off-Road Consulting & Driving Instruction Presents…  1st Annual Wheelers LLC Overland Adventure

When: Thursday May 18, 2017 through Sunday May 21, 2017

Where:  Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (AOAA)


Who/What: Easter Jeep Safari

When: 4/8-4/15

Where:  – Moab, UT

More Info: Red Rock 4-Wheelers web page at


Who/What: Rancho Suspension presents,
         The Jeepster and Commando 50th anniversary

When: Apr 17 – Apr 22

Where: Moab Utah


Jeep Talk Show Give Away: Jammock Give Away Details  

Links Mentioned in Episode 273:

Red Rock 4-Wheelers web page at


JTCiS Ep.31 – James – Jammock The Jeep Hammock!

Tammy and Tony speak with our special guest James with Jammock.  Jammock is a hammock for your Jeep!