Show Changes Starting with Ep.301

podcastinmeme-feature-jpg[1]We recently ended the popular Jeep Talk Call in Show, but we’re not ending some of the things we learning from it.  We’re adding them to the Jeep Talk Show! First off we’re adding another thirty minutes to the show!  With that additional time we’ll be able to have guest interviews! Sadly we are ending the LIVE broadcast of the show on youtube.  In it’s place we will have video clips from the show available on youtube.  We’re sad because we’re going to miss interacting with the audience.  The great news is you can still interact with us at, or by calling our voice mail line at 530-675-4102!  We love hearing from you guys!

Longer show, guests, and video clips so you can SEE what we’re talking about!

What do you think?  Let us know what you think about our changes!




Ep.300 – Jeep Winter Survival Kit

This Week In Jeep: More Spy Pictures of the JL  

Jeep Tip: Airing Down Part 1 – Steve 4.3lxj

Wrangler Talk: Winter Survival Kit  

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: Wrangler Soft Top in the Car Wash  

Wheeling Where:

Off Road Expo THIS WEEKEND Sept 30 – Oct 01

Pomona, Ca.

Trail Hero 10/5 – 10/8 world class facility of Sand Hollow, in Hurricane, Utah

Fall Crawl, October 14 & 15 Gore, VA

Links Mentioned in Episode 300:


Ep.299 – Heavy Duty Steering Upgrade

This Week In Jeep: Future of the Jeep Models

Wrangler Talk: Heavy Duty Steering Upgrade

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: Synthetic Shackles

Wheeling Where:

Off Road Expo Sept 30 – Oct 01 Pomona, Ca

Trail Hero 10/5 – 10/8 Hurricane, Utah

Fall Crawl  October 14-15  Gore, VA

Ultimate Jeep Jam 2017 September 23rd 1pm to 6pm Katy, TX

Links Mentioned in Episode 272:


Ep.298 – Rusty Bottoms and Bigger Pipes

This Week In Jeep: Jeep Heros

Wrangler Talk: Winterizing my Jeep

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: New Exhaust Tips

Wheeling Where:

National Chrysler Jeep Dodge, presents: 2017 Jeep Week

Sept 22nd, – 24th, Topsail Island, N. Carolina

Off Road Expo, Sept 30 – Oct 01, Pomona, Ca.

Trail Hero, 10/5 – 10/8, world class facility of Sand Hollow, in Hurricane, Utah


Links Mentioned in Episode 298:


Jasper Jeep Fest and Weather

Hello, Kevin and I are releasing the show early because we are directly in Irmas path. We hope that all of our Florida listeners take this storm serious. We don't know if we we will have power so we figured uploading the show today would be wise. Thanks to the listeners that reached out to make sure we were ok. Hopefully we will have a show uploaded on the 1st. Thanks again and Jeep wave from Kevin and Scott.