CentreSteer #58 – There’s No Bloody Giftshop

The fifty-eighth episode.

Guest: Nigel Cass, Cass Racing 0:44 – 1:30

Guest: Casey Deming, Griffin Pocket Tool, Georgia Bushcraft 1:31 – 1:51


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Ep.317 – Will Jeep use ARB lockers in new Jeep?

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This Week In Jeep: New Jeep Pickup Better Than the New Wrangler

Jeeps smallest SUV ever NOT in the US

Wrangler Talk: 5 Must Have’s Off Road Recovery Kit

Interview with: Scott with ARB 4 x 4 Accessories

Part 10 with Steve 4.3LXJ Airing Down

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: How to Buy a Used Winch (part 1 of 2)

Cherokee Love: The Importance of Tow Points

Wheeling Where:

Winching Clinic: www.4x4training.com

56th Annual Desert Safari www.tds4x4.com

Links Mentioned in Episode 317:

ARB: http://arbusa.com/

Josh: www.thevoiceofjosh.com

Tammy’s Blog: www.JeepMomma.com

Quick Fist Clamp: https://www.amazon.com/Original-Quick-Fist-mounting-equipment/dp/B000CQPANY

Ep.316 – On Board Air and YouTube Monetization

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This Week In Jeep: New Spy photos reveal the new upcoming Jeep pick-up could have a fold down windshield.   

Wrangler Talk: Tammy shares some tips to protect your Jeep from the salt by using Permatex Rust Treatment, Krylon Rust Treatment, and Fluid Film.   

Interview with: Clyde from the Roadhouse share some new endeavors.

Steve 4.3LXJ shares some more airing up tips Nate and Clyde chime in with some great information.

Jeep Momma Product Review: The SEMA Offoad/4×4 Product of the Year    

Links Mentioned in Episode 316:

The Beast – Two Ton Big Wheel Off Road Jack – www.Proeagle.com

Follow Nate: SWBCrawler.com

Follow Clyde on Youtube: Pabst Boys Roadhouse


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show # 37 Towing with your Jeep

Hello again and welcome back. This show we dive into towing with your Jeep. Is it a good idea or a bad one? thats a call only you can make. We give the pros and cons of both. kelvins garage we talk about Jeep computers and what that check engine light may mean. Thanks again for downloading and we'll catch you on the 1st!.