CentreSteer #59 – Maine Winter Romp

The fifty-ninth episode.

Guest: Tracy 0:03 – 0:09

Guest: Bruce Fowler, Maine Winter Romp  0:33 – 1:24

Maine Winter Romp Photos


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Show # 40 Jeepin with Judd and Cylinder heads.

Hello fellow Jeepers, after a dust filled weekend at JWJ we sat down and talked Jeep cylinder heads, hubs, the event and emails. Kevin answers a few emails about gears. And Scott issues a apology. Thank you for downloading and sharing our Jeep show. Because of you we have a MAJOR announcement coming up! See you all on the 15th.

Guest for Episode 322, Andy Lilienthal of Warn Industries

Dirt-N-Drive-2Andy Lilienthal is the Digital Marketing Manager at Warn Industries, and first started with the company in 2006. He’s a lifelong gearhead, and currently has a number of 4WD vehicles including his 2001 Jeep Cherokee which he’s wheeled all over the west including Moab, Ouray, CO, Tillamook State Forest, and Tahuya State Forest among other places. When not in the office, you can find Andy representing the brand a number of events including Easter Jeep Safari, Jeep Jamboree, and other Jeep and 4WD events. He also does media relations, social media, and puts on the occasional winching demonstration.

Don’t miss Andy on episode 322 of the Jeep Talk Show.  We have weekly guest interview, so subscribe and never miss a great guest or a great interview!

Ep.321 – Pizza Covered Jeeps, Drivelines, and Gears

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This Week In Jeep: [0:01:50]

Can I Get Extra Cheese With That?

TWIJ-1There are few sights in this world more horrendous than that of wasted pizza. But, a Troy, Michigan man has woken up to that unspeakably tragic sight, not once… but three times this month. And before you go and assume he’s just some stoner that forgot he ordered 23 pizzas the night before, this man is a Jeeper…. And jeepers don’t waste pizza.

Its been no secret. The end is near.

TWIJ-4Ever since the bomb was dropped in January, that FCA’s CEO Sergio Marchionne will be retiring, the automotive world has been all a buzz. Not because of Sergio retiring really, that writing has been on the wall for some time for many of us. The big questions remain however….. just who will succeed him, and more importantly, who will select that person.


The 4×4 Radio Network: [00:10:29]

The Jeep Talk Show is a proud member of the 4×4 Radio Network.  Just visit 4x4RadioNetwork.com and learn more about The 4×4 Podcast, On The Trail Podcast, The Centre Steer Podcast, and Trailchasers Podcast!  Announcing a new member of the 4×4 Radio Network, On The Trail Podcast!  Scott and Kevin  have only been doing their “Jeep” related show for a short time but they have great chemistry, bad jokes, and excellent information for every level of Jeeper.

Wrangler Talk: [00:11:20]

Mystery SOLVED – The case of Tammy’s Missing D-ring!

Listener Wrote in to the show:  (Listener’s name redacted!)

“So for the longest time I somewhat agreed with Tammy about her stolen D ring but I recently lost one also and swore someone had taken it UNTILL…. I reviewed some pics from that day. I have both D rings as you see in the picture which is at the bottom of “Turkey Claw” in Johnson Valley; I noticed the missing D ring at the top of this trail but swore someone stole it until my buddy sent these pictures. After reviewing the pictures I went out and checked my other D ring and found it so loose that a 1/4 turn and it fell off. SO I am now with y’all that she just lost it!!!”


Nate calls in: [0:15:33]

Hey guys, it’s nate. Lee. You haven’t heard from you in a while. You know it’s been like what 3 weeks since I was on the trail, so I thought I’d call in and talk about synthetic went through I just just heard episode 319 yeah, I’m about a week behind, but well I just had a couple of comments you were arguing the the finer points of the steel verses since that synthetic and well, I don’t know I’ve I’ve been with in feet of a synthetic wrote breaking and seeing it just gracefully fall to the ground instead of snapping back, and you know breaking a tree in half or hurting a bystander or whatever that has sold me.
Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: [0:23:09]
Driveline Tech – Problems and How to Diagnose

There’s one thing that really makes our Jeeps… well….Jeeps, and that of course is the transfer case. I know, I know…. you were going to say round headlights and a 7 slot Grill… but come on, let’s face it there lots of jeeps in this world. And sure, there are those rigs that might get called non Jeeps too. But one thing ties them all together. And that’s four-wheel drive. And what would a transfer case be without the means to put that engine power to the wheels…we are of course talking about the drivelines. Today we’re going to go over some of the more critical issues that can arise in our drivetrain, how do identify them, and what caused them. Driveline damage can occur from any number of different sources. If you look under your Jeep and start grabbing and yanking on things and find movement that shouldn’t be there,  or notice things that …well…. are definitely broken. Well chances are you had a worn component. Or you got into some trail difficulty more than your jeep was equipped for. One of the most Telltale Driveline issues is a twisted tube. Instantly recognizable, a twisted, broken or shared tube can be seen a mile away, and shows excessive loads to the extreme.

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As many of our listeners this month know, ExtremeTerrain.com has been hard at work producing video after video featuring their brand-new 2018 JLU Sahara—what a beaut!  These videos, hosted by ExtremeTerrain’s own Ryan Huck, thoroughly investigate the new gen Wrangler through the lens of an avid off-roader and aftermarket parts enthusiast. No Tony, the segment isn’t called, “What the Huck with Ryan Huck”.

In their latest video titled, “Top 5 Reasons To Buy a Jeep Wrangler JL”, Ryan takes you through his top five reasons on why you should make the jump to the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL.  C’mon guys, what are you waiting for?  Topics discussed in this episode include fuel economy, lighting and the exterior redesign— thanks to increased grille and windshield rake and an added rear semi-spoiler on the hardtop. ExtremeTerrain’s videos dig deep to highlight and extrapolate on the subtle exterior changes, tried and true Jeep features carrying over from the previous JK, and the new doors which use lightweight aluminum. Be sure to catch a gander of ExtremeTerrain’s latest JL video at extremeterrain.com of through today’s show notes on JeepTalkShow.com

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a JL   East Coast VS West Coast Video   2018 JL Wrangler Parts

Interview with: Brian Plummer – Root One Six Offroad [0:32:00]

Friend of the show, Brian, not only is our guest interview but fills in for a missing Tammy (Jeep Momma).  We’ve contacted the authorities and her picture, and missing d-ring should be on milk cartons everywhere very very soon.  Brian and his team are about to open up their mega Jeep parts site.  You can head over to RootOneSix.com and sign up to get notified when they go live!

Root One Six - medium decal 2 New Shoes


From the Mind of Nicky G!: [1:13:58]

Oh no, Nicky G has been watching Star Trek and has a theory to share about our universe(s)!

Cherokee Love: [1:15:46]

We’ve recently talked about what size tires you can put on your Jeep.  Now is when you find out what a Jeep engineer has to deal with as no good modification goes unpunished. Tire size goes up your gear ratio goes down. Easily fixed, but not cheaply. The infamous RE-GEARING!  Get more Jeep Cherokee (XJ) info over at our forums xjtalk.com

Camp Fire Side Chat: [1:25:34]

Brian, Josh and Tony site around the digital campfire and shoot the SH*T!  You know how it is!  Join us.

Wheeling Where: [1:41:43]

This is where we talk about what events are comin’ up in your neck of the woods and around the nation….

Who/What: 56th Annual Tierra del Sol desert Safari
When: March 2nd – 4th
Where: Just outside of San Diego California
More Info: https://tdsdesertsafari.com/

Come out and experience the magic and splendor of southern California’s finest wheeling. This year will be another epic event with fantastic vendors onsite and the best raffle on the planet (over $150k in prizes)…Yes, we are going to do it again! We want to give a big shout out to Jeremy Coffin, who sent us the details of this event. He went last year and said it was a blast.

Judging from what I’ve read on the web about this event, he’s not mistaken.

Who/What: Reno Off-Road & Motorsports Expo
When: March 16th – 18th
Where: Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Reno Nevada
More Info: www.lockettshows.com

Who/What: Easter Jeep Safari
When: 03/24 – 03/31
Where: MOAB Utah
More Info: www.rr4w.com

Links Mentioned in Episode 321:





Meet our Guest for Episode 321 – Brian from Root One Six

Root One Six - medium decal 2
I am Brian Plummer, Owner of Root One Six Off Road, Inc. I served 20 years in the Marine Corps serving from 1989 – 2009. In 1996 after returning from an overseas trip I purchased my very first Jeep. A WHITE, 1989 XJ that I called “Baby.”   I also purchased a ZJ later on, but that just was not the same. In 2011 I bought a 2008 MAROON JKU Rubicon named, “Root.”
In 2016 some friends and I came up with the concept of Root One Six Off Road so we started our social media messaging and putting out some feelers. From there I started to talk to some independent small brands, then some bigger brands to see how we can get some great products to the off road community.  In February of last year, we launched our first website and formalized the Business in March of 2017.  We started to reach out to the community directly (including The Jeep Talk Show)  attending events, sponsoring events and meeting with off road clubs.  Then we came to the reality. We need to be bigger.  Initially, small was what we had in mind. But to gain attention to causes that we hold true to our hearts we had to grow our presence and our product line.
New Shoes
We have been working hard the past year really getting our product lines down and sourcing together so we can not just compete with other brands, but make us attractive enough to be a true event sponsor. Being a sponsor regardless of the event gives you a lot more exposure and places you in a position to advocate for Jeepers and Off Roaders who attend the event. We also look for ways to include a non-profit if we can to help get their specific message and available resources out.  Root One Six Off Road is a brand that focuses itself on giving back.  It is Veteran owned and operated. So service to the community is second nature to us.  We have two former Marines, one former Airman, one former LEO and one super intelligent Jeep-Girl who probably knows more about Jeeps than all of us. HA ha!!  Well definitely me.
Root N Snow
Events we did in 2017
Official Sponsor Carolina Trails Off Road Uwharrie Invasion
Official Sponsor Nomad Jeeps “Wheelin with Vets” Uwharrie
Official Sponsor Topsail Island Jeep Week
Official Sponsor “Women’s Wheeling Day” Rausch Creek
Official Dealer 2017 Uwharrie OHV Jamboree
Gold Sponsor 7th Annual Uwharrie Veteran’s Day Ride
Offical Sponsor True Patriot Inc Santa 4 Soldiers
Official Sponsor 6th annual Uwharrie Rendezvous
Official Sponsor Carolina Trails Off Road Christmas Meeting
Events currently on schedule for 2018
Official Sponsor Uwharrie OHV Family, “Fam Fair”
Official Dealer Uwharrie OHV Jamboree (Spring)
Official Sponsor Inaguaral Myrtle Beach Jeep Jam – We are actually helping market this event in partnership with Native Sons the event promoters. (see attached letter)
Official Sponsor Carolina Trails Off Road Uwharrie Invasion
Official Sponsor (TEAM) 36 Hours Uwharrie Adventure Race – Team True Patriot Inc.
Official Sponsor Topsail Island Jeep Week
More events are planned but will be announced later.