Episode 326 – Brand New Axle Upgrades From Dana / Spicer

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This Week In Jeep: 

Tragic Jeep Rollover

At around 4:05 p.m. saturday afternoon,  The Sedona Fire District was dispatched to 36400 SR 89A near Page Springs Road in Arizona on reports of an accident and brush fire. According to a news release from Jon Davis, fire marshal for the Sedona Fire District, the accident involved a tour jeep from “A Day In The West” Jeep Tours. The company offers various levels of Jeep only offroad tours of the Sedona area including several historical and challenging trails. On Saturday, this particular Jeep which had been modified to carry more passengers, had been carrying six people plus the driver. The jeep had rolled over for an unknown reason, but came to rest in an upright position.

WELL…that didn’t take long.

Breaking news coming out of The Easter Jeep Safari….

Dana Inc. has just introduced a new line of aftermarket Dana axles and Spicer drivetrain components for the new Jeep Wrangler JL. The line of drivetrain upgrades includes Ultimate Dana 60 front and rear axles, Spicer Performance nodular iron differential covers, chromoly axle shafts, bearing kits and expanded ratio gears.

Dana made the announcement this week at the Easter Jeep Safari taking place now through April 1 in Moab, Utah. Both the Wrangler Sport and Sahara come with the all new, completely redesigned Dana 30 axles in front and Dana 35 AdvanTEK axles in the rear. The Rubicon however, comes equipped with Dana 44 AdvanTEK axles in front and rear. Each of these axle designs have been improved and strengthened for the Wrangler JL. Even though the new Jeep Wrangler JL features these extensively redesigned Dana axles as a part of its standard equipment package, there are always those of us enthusiasts who want to push the envelope.

Steve 4.3LXJ:

Finding Trails Part 4 on  Map Reading  

Wrangler Talk:

Top 5 Must Do Topless Tips

As Jeep owners there is at least one time you have to tell someone… “It’s a Jeep Thing” for one reason or another. Non-Jeep owners just don’t get it. Well it goes a little deeper for us Wrangler owners, well most of us. It’s that one thing that sets the Wranglers apart from all the other Jeeps. It’s the topless mode. And the doorless mode.  It’s the only reason I bought my Wrangler. That first summer was absolutely the best thing for my soul. The wind in my hair and sun in my face was so amazing. And then my Jeep life morphed into a whole other thing but that’s a story for another time. This story is all about those Topless Wranglers. Now one thing that drives me crazy is driving around on a beautiful Spring or Summer or even Fall day and to see another Wrangler with their top up. Or how about those Wrangler owners who have never taken off their hard top. I just don’t get it.


James A.— 5 star
Great show guys. Always get lots of useful information from the show. I’ve been listening for almost a year now and it’s taken some time to go through all your episodes. You three are very comical and a pleasure to listen to. I have 2 jeeps. A modded 2013 2 door jk Rubicon in RED (For Tony) and a bone stock 1987 yj Laredo in black ( just for you Tammy -lol). On the last episode one of your listeners stated that black is a combination of all the colors. To me that says that Tammy don’t know what color she wants so she got one with all of them in it. Haha. Looking forward to all your future episodes. Rubiman_jk

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk:

Clutch Talk

Transmissions can be scary, there’s a ton of moving parts, repairs are ALWAYS expensive, and usually take specialty tools, most of us Jeepers don’t have in our garage. Lets not forget that most of us aren’t trained transmission techs either. But that doesn’t have to stop you from learning a little more about your manual transmission, how it works, how to take care of it, and how to diagnose those little problems before they become big repairs. I love automatic transmissions, they’re convenient, easy to use, and can generally take a fair amount of abuse. But I love me a manual transmission. I’ve owned over 20 rigs in my life, and only two of them have been automatics. There’s just something about having the control, being able to manipulate the final drive of the vehicle with a combination of throttle gear selection, and creative clutch work. The clutch, rather than one specific part, is actually series of moving parts that act as a sort of domino-effect on each other. Of course, this means if even one part fails, the entire system ceases to function. When this happens, knowing how to diagnose the issue at fault is the key to getting back on the road—or trail.

Interview with:

Leah Ann Lane with The Jeep Mafia

Leigh Ann Lane, aka KricketJeeper on Twitter is a co-founder of The Jeep Mafia, an online Jeep club that unintentionally took the nation by storm. Starting with just a few Twitter friends, they now have over 18k followers on both Twitter and Facebook, and 4k on Instagram, with some as far away as Australia and Zambia. Leigh Ann is a relatively new Jeeper, but has owned 3 Jeeps since purchasing her first one in 2013, with her current rig being a 2016 JKU named Hyper Hopper. She fell in love with Jeeping so much she was inspired to write a novel about a Jeep girl. She was a top ten finalist in the 2015 Ladies Offroad Challenge, and won an adventure to SEMA.

Must Have Stuff for your Jeep:

Cherokee Hood Aluminum Louvered Cooling Panels

Pair of Jeep XJ Cherokee Hood Aluminum Louvered Cooling Panels
$129.95 & FREE Shipping

71+5NhlGHAL._SL1334_Tired of searching the junkyards for an old Chrysler Lebaron? Tired of your Jeep XJ looking like every other Cherokee with hood vents? Not any more! Get this pair of Quad row Bolt-on Louvered panels Specifically designed for the Jeep Cherokee XJ. 72, 4″ wide louvers provide 98 + sq inches of heat exhaust!! These Aluminum louvered panels have radiused corners and mounting holes. They are made on a high tonnage press brake for much crisper stronger forms and larger openings to really get that hot air out of your engine compartment. These are designed to be bolted on (with included hardware). They are made from .050″ thick 3003 aluminum. The 72 louvers are 4 1/32 wide and 3/8 tall to get the most hot air out of that engine compartment. The Panels are 20″ wide and 16″ long. Mounting hardware provided is 3/4″ long 1/4-20 Stainless Steel Button Head Machine bolts with self locking nuts (no more messing around with lock washers!) They also include the 5/32″ hex wrench! Louvered panels ship with PVC coating on exposed side to protect the smooth mill finish. Out of all the vent kits I’ve seen for the XJ… I think i like the looks of these the best, AND they seem to be made very well.

Cherokee Love:

A New Transfer Case – Advance Adapters Atlas 2 speed on order

Nicky G:

Top 5 Things He Says to His Wife

Wheeling Where:

Who/What: Morris 4×4 Center Presents: 4th Annual Morris 4×4 Event
When: Sat. April 21st 10am -3pm
More Info: https://www.morris4x4center.com/4th-annual-morris-jeep-event
Prizes, music, food trucks, show & shine contest, scratch & dent sale, first 800 attendees get a goodie bag complete with limited edition T-shirt.
Club contest with $1000 gift card grand prize,

Who/What: INAUGURAL Myrtle Beach Jeep Jam
When: April 13th – 15th
Where: Myrtle Beach South Carolina
More Info: 4wheel Parts is getting behind this and has set up some proving grounds, thats right, obstacle course! Food, Drinks, Over 50 national & local vendors, a massive kids zone, finders jeepers scavenger hunt around the famous grand strand, show-n-grime jeep show, and huge kick off party friday to set the whole thing off. http://mbjeepjam.com/

Who/What: TRIK Bar & Grill & Jeeps at the beach Texas presents:
Boots For Troops Benefit
When: Saturday April 28th 3-7pm
Where: Trik Bar &Grill in Tomball Tx.
More Info: https://www.facebook.com/bootsfortroopsusa/

JEEP NIGHT at Boardwalk Billy’s on Sardis Rd North, Charlotte, North Carolina is a monthly Jeep event. The First Monday of the month, Jeepers from all over come together to see and show off their amazing rigs. Learn about upgrades, talk to Shops, Clubs, and Facebook groups. Plan rides and other events. Best of all, they do all of this while raising MONEY for Children in need that are local to the area. 10% of food sales during the event will be given to families in need, and 100% of the proceeds from their monthly raffle is given to the Families with children in need. Please join the Jeep community the first Monday of each month, March – October and support this good cause. https://www.facebook.com/events/143836222910866

Links Mentioned in Episode 326:

Spiderweb Shade https://www.spiderwebshade.com/

Jeep Mafia www.THEjeepMafia.com

9 million miles Book: https://amzn.to/2E6G8TQ

Hood vents: https://amzn.to/2E9B15C


CentreSteer #60 – Tim & The Quartermaster

The sixtieth episode.

Guest: Adam Bennett, Legend SNX891 of First Overland 0:42 – 2:11

Guest: Tim Slessor, IBMD, Book: “Out West: Travels Through the American West – Past and Present” 2:12 – 2:57

Guest: David Short, ROAV – Rovers At Wintergreen event

Our Next Guest Interview, Leigh Ann Lane “Kricket”!

image1Leigh Ann Lane, aka KricketJeeper on Twitter is a co-founder of The Jeep Mafia, an online Jeep club that unintentionally took the nation by storm. Starting with just a few Twitter friends, they now have over 18k followers on both Twitter and Facebook, and 4k on Instagram, with some as  far away as Australia and Zambia. Leigh Ann is a relatively new Jeeper, but has owned 3 Jeeps since purchasing her first one in 2013, with her current rig being a 2016 JKU named Hyper Hopper.  She fell in love with Jeeping so much she was inspired to write a novel about a Jeep girl.  She was a top ten finalist in the 2015 Ladies Offroad Challenge, and won an adventure to SEMA.


Nine Million Minutes available at Amazon!



Episode 325 – Jeep Pays Out BIG in Settlements

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This Week In Jeep:  [0:01:29]

Award Upheld 

25jeep-master1050[1]After several trials, appeals, more trials and more appeals, there is finally some closure coming out of the Georgia Supreme Court. Last week, they unanimously upheld a $40 million award to the family of a 4-year-old boy killed in 2012 when the 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee in which he was riding was rear-ended and burst into flames.  A lower court in 2015 reduced a jury verdict from nearly $150 million to $40 million. Fiat Chrysler spokesman Michael Palese said the company was “disappointed in this decision. We are considering our legal options.” The Jeep’s fuel tank was placed near the back of the vehicle, which plaintiffs said made it vulnerable to rear-end collisions. The Supreme Court ruling says that  there was enough evidence that showed that Chrysler had long known that mounting a gas tank behind the rear axle was dangerous.


Actor Anton Yelchin’s Family Settles with Automaker

Jeep_Settlement_Anton_Yelchin_AP.5ab50713cdfba[1]27 year old Anton Yelchin the famous actor who played Checkov in the remake of Star Trek, was killed when he was leaving his L.A. home in June 2016, when he got out of the vehicle (possibly to check his mailbox) and the Jeep rolled down the driveway, pinning him against a security gate. Yelchin died almost immediately, according to the death certificate, the official cause of death was blunt traumatic asphyxia. Unfortunately, his body was pinned for hours before it was discovered. Authorities had said he thought the shifter was in park when it was actually in neutral. For those who don’t know, this was common mistake made by grand Cherokee owners, and the vehicles had actually been recalled for a fix at the time of the accident, but Yelchin had not yet taken his Jeep in for the fix.


Contributor Segment: Steve 4.3LXJ: Finding Trails [0:08:52]

CaptureIf you recall Steve, 4.3lxj, started a new series on episode 320, Finding Trails.  Tonight we continue in this series with part 3.

Maps mentioned by Steve in this segment;



Wrangler Talk: [0:16:37]

Top 5 Must Have Jeep Accessories for Jeep Moms  

I wish I would have been given these tips when I first became a Jeep Mom owner. I’m  gonna start with no. 5 —  the Rugged Ridge Floor Mats for those spills of juice, cheerios and mud.  Easy clean up, you can just hose them off… the ridges channel the mud and dirt away from your shoes and pants to keep them from getting dirty. The high perimeter wall keeps the water or juice or milk from sloshing all over.  No. 4 Spider Web Shade… They have several colors so this is a great way to add an accent color to your Jeep Wrangler. Plus…the shade blocks up to 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. And drastically reduces wind noises Plus, you never have to remove it. You can use it to store of blankets, towels and extra clothes between the soft top and the spiderweb shade.

Interview with: [0:43:04]

Barry with TopLiftPros was unable to be with us so we have a past interview with Brian Hutton the owner of Stomper. Brian and Stomer were in the middle of the horrific EF-5 tornado in Moore Oklahoma back in 2013.

Tech Talk:   Engine Oil Filter Bypass Valve Fix:

51esmqOBdSL[1]I have to hit pause here and give an extra special thanks to one specific listener. Over the years we’ve received a lot of interaction from you our listeners and fans. Sometimes it’s just a pat on the back, sometimes it’s congratulating us on a milestone we’ve achieved. And yes, sometimes we even get some constructive criticism. But in all the years we’ve been doing this show, its rare, quite rare in fact, that we get someone specifically looking out for the best interests of other jeepers. Oh sure there;s steve, and jon, and cody, and nate and the others who regularly submit content for the show that helps all of us out in one way or another. But I consider them part of the family, kind of like Nicky G. Maybe just a little less like a weird uncle, and more like step children, but I digress. Dysfunctional Jeep families aside, Listener Les Lyman of Phoenix Arizona, took the time out of his busy day to write into the show.  Dorman Products #917-992


Nicky G: [1:00:18]

Another SHOCKING Nicky G message.  Nicky G decides he’s going to make his own battery cables since Paul from Jeep Cables will be deployed for the next few months.

Jeep Momma Product Review: JK Pockets  [1:01:48]

The amount of Cool Jeep Stuff out there for your Jeep is so amazing. I am always adding to my wish list, which is getting quite costly. So it was a nice surprise when I found out I won a social media contest I entered.  A big shout out and thanks to Slickrockgear.com, and CPO fromO3DJeeps for putting on an IG contest! I won a set of 5 JK Pockets for my Jeep Wrangler. These things are a really cool idea. The first “real” door pockets for the Wranglers.  Two pockets for the front doors, two for the rear, and one for the center console. The OEM cargo net pockets were really bothering the OCD part of me. Granted you can stuff a lot into the netted pockets, but that only stretched out the netting. You were also limited to what you could stuff into the pocket because smaller items could fall out.

Camp Fire Side Chat: [01:08:25]

Josh goes off road? Body work at Josh’s house, stereo installation, and bumper installation, but no yard work.  Tammy finally gets snow to test her Duratracs.  Tony still hasn’t heard back from NOVAK about the quote on a specially made HD NP231J transfer case.  Tony talks about his video of a beautiful RED Wagoneer he saw while driving home from work.


Wheeling Where: [1:24:04]

Scorpion Offroad Concepts – Customer Appreciation Weekend

JEEP NIGHT at Boardwalk Billy’s

Uwharrie OHV Jamboree 2018

INAUGURAL Myrtle Beach Jeep Jam

Links Mentioned in Episode 325:

Rugged Ridge Floor Liners

Trash Can Cup Holder

Molle Rear Seat Panel 

SpiderWeb Shade

JK Pockets

Jeep Momma’s JK Pocket Install Video

Facebook Page 295 Jeep Talk