CentreSteer #62 – Life Is Too Short To Drive Boring Cars

The sixty-second episode.

Guest: Bryan Joslin, A+G Magazine 0:52 – 2:39

“Style is important. A style is not. There is all the difference when we work with style and not for a style.” – Frank Lloyd Wright. #TBT https://twitter.com/WrightTaliesin/status/954018679829643264/photo/1


Episode 334 – Tammy And The Brown Santas

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This Week In Jeep: Multiple Jeeps Catch Fire in Storage Lot /

Official Date Announced For Jeep Pickup Release

Contributor Segment: Modification Order

Wrangler Talk: Overland Weekend with Brown Santas

Interview with:Britt with Crawlhers

Jeep Momma Product Review: Maprika App  

Nicky G:

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Jeeping Mid Rivers Crusade



Life is a Journey 4×4 Poker Run



Moonlight Madness Poker Run



NW Overland Rally


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Episode 333 – Don Alexander, Author, Off road Instructor

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This Week In Jeep:

One golf course will be Reopening this month with a whole new twist on the game.

On Memorial Day, Deer Run Jeep Golf is expected to open on Logtown Road in Ocean City Maryland. For nearly 20 years this was a very popular golf course with beautiful facilities. That is before it closed in 2015. However some new life is being injected into the course, and it has everything to do with Jeeps. There will of course be the traditional golf that we are all familiar with, and they’ll even have a put-put course too.

“It’s going to be something very different,” said Ed Colbert, owner of Deer Run.

According to Colbert, he closed the golf course in 2015 when his wife was ill. His daughter and son-in-law recently approached him with a unique concept, that of jeep golf. “They’re jeep enthusiasts,” Colbert said. “They came up with the idea of using jeeps as golf carts.” Deer Run will offer a nine-hole jeep course, where patrons will use their jeeps to travel the golf cart path between holes. The facility will also offer an area for footgolf, a game in which players kick a soccer ball into a cup in as few shots as possible. “It’s all over the place and growing like crazy,” Colbert said. The third game offered at Deer Run will be pitch and putt, a type of golf. While Deer Run’s jeep course is expected to open Memorial Day weekend, Colbert said it would be some time still before the footgolf and pitch and putt courses are opened. “It’s hard to bring back an overgrown golf course, these things take a little time” he said. In spite of the work ahead, Colbert is eager to get the course up-and-running. He envisions it as a family oriented golf park with a draw that can’t be found elsewhere. While neighbors of the 170-acre property initially expressed concern over the concept when it was brought before the Worcester County Board of Zoning Appeals, Colbert said he worked with them.

A Popular Jeep Fest BLOWS fundraising goal out of the water!

With the second running of the Toledo Jeep Fest less than three months away, organizers say they have ALREADY raised TWICE as much money as they had originally targeted — a clear sign that the event has generated a buzz within the off-road community. “The response locally and nationally has been incredible,” said Kevin Mullan, director of partnership development for Toledo Jeep Fest.

A $110,000 donation from Buckeye Broadband, The Blade, and Telesystem that was presented on Tuesday pushed the total fundraising effort beyond $600,000. “We are well on pace for a tremendous festival,” Mr. Mullan said, noting that a number of nationally known brands have shown serious interest in signing on as partners. “Our goal at this point was to be at about $300,000,” Mr. Mullan said. “We’re up over $600,000 where we sit today. The reality is, putting this festival on…. in an open field at the Lucas County Fairgrounds or the airport would be a lot cheaper. Doing it in the downtown setting the way we are… is really expensive.” But organizers say that urban experience of the Toledo Jeep Fest is a key component of what sets Toledo Jeep Fest apart from the country’s other large Jeep-centric events.

Wrangler Talk:

Tammy calls in – Talks About “My Jeep Story”

Interview with: Don Alexander

donalexanderDon Alexander’s passion and experience for motorized propulsion goes back to 1959 when he first started kart racing. He later developed an insatiable passion for Jeeps. He is currently the proprietor of the Jeep 4×4 School, having trained thousands for off-road driving. He has also competed in oval track, drags, and road racing as well as land speed runs. He holds the land speed record of 222 mph for diesel pickup. Alexander has authored 18 books and written more than 1,000 magazine articles. He has produced off-road training videos and SoCal 4×4 Adventures and Extreme Jeepin’ TV shows. Alexander lives in Big Bear, California


Tech Talk With Jeep Talk:

Molly C wrote in – Catalytic Converter

We’ve spent the last couple months going into some pretty deep details into some pretty extensive text subjects. And as much as I love going all techy on you guys and throwing out a bunch of terminology that half of us don’t understand and most of us don’t know what to do with, I just love answering listener questions even more.

Molly C. Wrote into the show asking about her Jeeps lack of power and acceleration.  She says:

“I have a ’06 Jeep TJ with a 4.0L inline-six and automatic transmission. It seems to have no power when going up a hill. It downshifts real hard, and when it does, the rpms drop and so does my speed. I have a check engine code of P0421. When i looked it up, google says is the catalytic converter. I’m wondering if i can just cut the whole cat out completely to see if that helps.”

First off, thanks for writing into the show Molly.  Catalytic converters are used to clean up the exhaust emissions on gas burning engines. Earlier two-way catalytic converters are used to combine oxygen with carbon monoxide (CO) and unburned hydrocarbons (HC) to produce carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). Thats why you’d see a big stream of water come out of the tail pipe in some of those older cars when they take off from a stop light. In 1981, the two-way converters were replaced by three-way converters that also reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Must Have Stuff for your Jeep:

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J103558[1]The weather is getting nicer in that means the tops going to be coming off. Of your Jeep of course! But sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate and the top has to stay on. What’s the next best thing to going topless, that’s going doorless. But what do you do with those doors once you take them off? Well Barricade has your solution. Jeep door storage hangers for the 2007 to 2018 Wrangler JK are on sale right now at extremeterrain.com you can pick him up for just 99 bucks for the whole set. The Barricade door storage hangers prevent damage to Wranglers doors while they’re off the Jeep by keeping them up off the floor. This unique bracket system mimics your Wranglers Factory hinge mounts to provide a hassle-free storage system. Made from 3/16 in American Steel, and mounting directly to your wall studs, these have enough strength to keep any door, up off the floor.

Nicky G:

What “REALLY” Happened in Uwharrie

Wheeling Where:

Worldwide Go Topless Day

The Matagorda Beach Run

Jeeping Mid Rivers Crusade

Pistons Wild Motorsports Presents: Life is a Journey 4×4 Poker Run

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