Show # 50 Jeep heat.

Hello there and thanks for downloading your favorite Jeep podcast. On this 50th episode Kevin and I talk about how to keep your Jeep from getting hot under the collar. Kevin garage is a chat about making things better for riders in the Jeep. Thanks again for downloading and well catch you on the next episode!


CentreSteer #64 – Gonna Need A Smaller Font

The sixty-fourth episode.

Guest: Glenn Parent, GP Rover Works 1:54 – 2:44

Guest: Ashley Capps, Red Car Video, Patreon 1:14 – 1:53


Ep 28: 4×4 Upgrades

On this episode:

We introduce you to Father Sisson and discuss our million dollar idea for desert weddings and taco carts receptions

We talk about the feedback we got from the last show

Then, we put the cart before the horse and talk about the theoretical upgrades Matt is going to need for the tuck he still doesn't have, including the new line of hardwood skid plates and traction mats!



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