Episode 139 – Mojave Road

Episode #139 –  Mojave Road Adventure Thanks for coming back to listen.  We know that there are lots of other options for podcasts but you have chosen to give your time to The 4×4 Podcast. Today’s interview was mentioned during the Christmas gift guide with Frank Rebelo from http://Trail4Runner.com We explored the Mojave Road from … Continue reading »

Ep 48: Empire Jeep Club

Joe, Gus, and Ricardo come and hang out in the spare bedroom with Matt and Cody. We talk about the upcoming Toy Drive on Dec 14th, their trail breakage, and ghost hunting at 2am. Please come and join us at Mountain Mikes Pizza on December 14th for the Toy Drive. @jcortez_909 @gus_guss87 @greencloverjku @falkentire @empire_jeep_club @mountainmikeschino