Synthetic Winch Line Freezes?

A Jeep Talk Show listener recently wrote in with his own experience with synthetic winch line.

On the winch debate on episode 390 or 391 I loved the battle between tony and josh. 
That’s was funny and entertaining. Both of you have great points. But one that I 
experienced you did not mention. I have 3 jeeps and two have synthetic and one that 
I was planning to put on my grand is steel. I am in Southern Arizona and this past 
winter we had an epic snow event ( snow lasted more than 1 day). Pretty rare. Anyway 
we had rain and snow and freezing temps for a couple days. In the bad weather I made 
the wife park the car and drive her JK and I drive the TJ so if anyone needed help 
I had the gear to go do. Now on to the rope vs cable. I went to use my winch and 
the rope and cylinder was one big piece of ice. Rope was wet and froze together. 
Making it non-usable at that time. However the cable was only stuck together minimally. 
But usable. Other that my vote is for rope. I like taking the extra weight off the front end.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us Tom P.

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