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The eighty-First episode

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Guest: Jeff Aronson, Rovers Magazine

Episode 417 – The only constant is change

This Week In Jeep: 

YOUR tree may be pretty, but mine is….

I don’t know about you, but the lights and ornaments just can’t come down soon enough. Its what…? 360 some odd days till christmas? …and half my neighbors already have their lights up! (some people…) I’m so done with the holiday season I’m about to throw myself off the Nakatomi building right behind Hans Gruber.  As fast as he plummeted to earth, the recent record set by auto tuning company Hennessy Motors probably has poor Hans beat. Although there likely isn’t an official “fastest christmas tree over land” speed record, one has now been set.

The tree made it through the woods to grandma’s house, and back in record time. In official terms, on December 19th 2019, at the Continental Tire Proving Grounds in Uvalde, Texas, a 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee with Hennessey’s HPE1000 upgrade kit, reached 181 mph with a six-foot Douglas Fir from Lowe’s strapped down on a suction-cup roof rack. Like I said, I’m pretty sure this “specific” record, has never before been set. However, if this is giving you a sense of Deja-Vu, you’re probably remembering the other Christmas stunt Hennesy pulled off back in 2017.

Back then they took a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody to 174 mph with a smaller tree on its roof. In both cases, you can be sure there was a whole trail of pine needles left on the track. If you wanna check out the Grand Cherokee Christmas Tree run to end all runs, we’ll have a link to the youtube video in the show notes for this episode. 

Too Many Of a Good Thing?

Fiat Chrysler dealers are complaining the automaker is building too many unordered cars they don’t want, forcing them to make an all-out push to clear away tens of thousands of vehicles that its dealers haven’t ordered. The industry term for this is called a “sales bank.” And FCA reps have long disputed the term as it applies to the automaker’s brand-new sales analytics tool. This tool attempts to predict exactly how many vehicles, and the exact vehicle trims it should build over the year and when.  The tool was introduced by a former Amazon executive in 2018. According to reports, it saved FCA more than $400 million in the third quarter alone.

All that savings aside, the company’s 2400 U.S. dealers are claiming that FCA has been loading up their available inventory with tens of thousands of extra vehicles that they haven’t ordered. Dealers say the sales bank, relegates them to buy vehicles they view as less desirable and are likely to move slower off their lots. Now what this means for you and I, is that now may be the best time to buy a new car from any of FCA’s mainstream brands. But why? It basically boils down to supply and demand. Although the guestimator tool FCA is using to determine how many of what vehicle to build may be off in its numbers slightly, this means there is going to be an abundance of what dealers consider slow moving vehicles. Base models, ugly colors, you get the idea. The bottom line is that you have a chance now to take advantage of all that “employee pricing plus” commercials they are saturating the radio and tv markets with right now.  It may not be your ideal Jeep or Ram truck, but you ‘ll likely pay a whole hell of a lot less than your neighbor down the street did for the same rig.

Wrangler Talk: 

Hello JTS listener, First I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy Holidays. So one of the common questions that I get out on the trail is what do I carry in my recovery bag, and no it is not a triple A card for out on the trails. Well first on this talk I would like to say that when out on the trail you should always have your thunder buddy with you. Wheeling alone is not safe and just down right stupid. I want everyone out there to be safe and make sure that everyone gets home in one piece. The jeep can come home in one piece but the buddy system is always key.  The first and most important item is a comfortable So, to start with you are going to need recovery points, and not I am not talking about just wrapping a tow strap around your front axle or control arm and calling it a day. I am talking about a frame mounted hook that will provide a proper point to pull the entire jeep out of the mud or off the rocks. There are many different types of recovery points out on the market and if you are buying an aftermarket bumper you should be set. Also, it is a very good idea to have a recovery point on the front and rear of your jeep because you never know what type of situation you are going to get yourself into out on the trails. As we all know you might be the leader of the group and need a tow all the way back to the parking lot by a fellow host or a tow out of a deep mud puddle when snapping a rear driveshaft. Yes, thank you Tammy for leading my group the rest of that day. Although when talking about recovery points I would like to cover the fact that a hitch is not a safe recovery point. I have seen picture and witnessed on of the 2-inch balls breaking off the threaded shaft and going through the rescuer’s windshield and let me tell you it is really hard explaining that one to the insurance company. So, no you have your recovery points on the front and rear of your jeep the next item you are most likely going to need to get yourself out of that tight situation is a tow strap. So now your best friend to find a tow strap is going to be harbor freight. They sell great high rated tow straps for cheap, but when looking at the tow straps look at the curb weight of your rig and multiple it by 4. When doing this that will give you the minimum tow rating you will need in the strap. So, If your rig weighs 4 thousand pounds you will need a 16 thousand pound tow strap, this is just a good safety factor to have when pulling someone out of the mud or off the rocks. I personally have about 4 different sized tow straps from harbor freight and I can say that at least one or more will get used when out on the trails and yes there was one day when I had to break out all 4 and that was still not enough. So, go to harbor freight and get our self a few tow straps in different lengths and they will come in handy when hitting the trails. The next item that you will need to carry in your recovery back is a couple D-rings. Cause well have are you going to link all those tow straps together and be able to get them back apart after using them all. Yes, that is the key wording, getting them back apart because if you just use the eye holes to link all the straps together you might be there for a little while trying to get them apart. So invest in a set of d-rings and once again multiple your curb weight by 4 and start with that for the break force on your d-ring. So the next item you should have in your bag and this might sound weird but put an adjustable wrench in your bag. The only reason I am saying this is because when you are out on the trail this might be the most useful tool you will come across. It is really nice just knowing exactly where this tool is and the ease of grabbing it quickly. Finally, the last thing to add to your recovery bag is a snatch block, and the reason why I say the last thing to add to your bag is a snatch block is because you need a winch. So a snatch block is a is a pulley that you can separate in half that will go around your winch cable that you can double your pulling capacity. Although then it comes to snatch blocks you have make sure that your snatch block is compatible with the style of cable you have on your winch.  So lets cover what you should have in your bag. You need a comfortable set of gloves, a couple tow straps, a good set of d-rings, an adjustable wrench and a snatch block if you have a winch. Thank you for listening to this week’s wrangler talk and remember if you have questions or comments contact us at jeeptalkshow.com/contact. Thank you for listening and talk you to next week.

Jeep Life:

Being Flexible

Tony and Josh, my Jeep Life segment tonight was going to be about Being Flexible on Jeep Trips. A lesson I learned during my adventure. It’s always good to have a plan, but it’s important to be able to deviate from that plan. Something I wasn’t really good at… adapting to unplanned changes.  When I finally accepted that on our trip I realized those deviations turned out to be a good thing. So instead of relating the theme “Being Flexible” to Jeep trips I wanted to share how I am having to relate this to my life. You all know I lost my job. So many Jeep folks reached out to me and gave me lots of support and told me once a door closes and new door will open. Well that door has opened. My life is getting ready to make a huge change. The next couple of weeks are going to be a huge adjustment for me. I am still going to be a part of the Jeep Talk Show. Just how we are still working out. I will be sending in my Jeep Life segments for the time being until we can get all the details worked out. You will have tune in to my YouTube channel. The Jeep Momma…. On Sunday I will be sharing what the open door is all about. It’s going to be super exciting and life changing and really scary at the same time.

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: 

You don’t have to know how to draw to find one.

Electrical drains can be a pain in the you know what.  Your ordinarily trustworthy Jeep has left you stranded. Thinking it would start right up for you when you came back to it, you’ve instead found nothing but a dead battery and no explanation. Oh sure maybe you left the dome light on, or that sticky or worn ignition switch didn’t quite turn all the way off before you removed the key. Yes, believe it or not, I’ve seen ignitions so worn, the tumblers and key so rounded, that you can literally remove the key from the ignition with Jeep still running. But that’s not you. YOU wouldn’t leave the CB on or the dome light blazing, so what happened? Electronics fail. It’s just a fact of life. Wiring and connections over time deteriorate, and systems will eventually suffer some form of an issue in its life. Not to worry, there’s some easy troubleshooting that any of us can do to help narrow down the troubled circuit. The method I’m going to teach you today has been around for decades, and is one of the most simplest ways to determine which of the many circuits in your older Jeep’s wiring has a parasitic draw on it. For those who may be new to vehicle electronics or who just don’t have the experience, a parasitic draw or drain is a term for an electrical component in your vehicle consuming electricity when it shouldn’t, even after it and the vehicle has been shut off.  Drains and draws like this can cause all sorts of headaches, especially in newer Jeeps. If you are having an issue where your Jeep is dead every time you try and start it, but fires right up with a jump, and your battery is less than 5 years old, there’s a good chance you have a draw.

Parasitic drains can present a tiny or massive load on the battery, robbing it of critical voltage quickly, or in the case of a small drain, reduce the longevity of your battery over time. Fixing this issue can be as varying as the Jeep owner themself, so I wont be able to give you specific direction for that, but I will be able to give you the means to track down this drawn and potentially do something about it. There are a few ways to go about this, but today you’re going to learn “The Fuse Pull Method” to determine which circuit is the culprit. This method is by no means the only way to find a draw, and wont work on newer CAN system Jeeps. The only tools you’re going to need are some basic hand tools for removing a battery terminal, and a simple test light, like the ones found on every parts store tool shelf for under $10.  The first step is to pull the negative wire off the battery. Put the test light’s alligator clip on the battery post, and wedge the probe side into a crevice on the ground wire terminal you just removed. If the light illuminates, you have a draw. There are systems that will naturally have a slight draw, like the stereo, it has a constant hot wire that ensures your settings and presets are remembered after you turn the key off. You will of course want to make sure you have the glove box closed if it has a light, and the doors too so the dome light is off. And if your jeep has an under-hood light, remove the bulb. This will eliminate a lot of those false positives you’d get otherwise. Using the owner’s manual as a guide or a print-out of your fuse block and what each fuse does, start pulling fuses. One by one, pull a fuse until the light goes out. When the light goes out, you found the circuit that has a draw. Yes this is going to be tedious, and yes it is going to take some time. BUT it will help you identify where the problem is and maybe point you in the right direction of a repair.  Maybe it’s those new off road lights, and the relay is sticking slightly. Or that CB has an internal short, or perhaps the ECU (the Jeep’s brain) has gone bad in some way. 

It could literally be a thousand different things, and each Jeep is different and will require a different repair. Hopefully this will help you with yours. Next week, we’ll be going over another method to do the same thing. We’ll be talking about how to do a voltage drop test on your modern Jeeps electrical system to find a draw.

Must Have Stuff for your Jeep:

Smittybilt ATLAS Door Steps – $82.99 (free shipping) Fitment: (2007-2020 Wrangler JK/JL) Attached to your Jeep’s doors at the hinge point, these steps allow you to climb up and reach your roof easily. The steps can support up to 350 lbs of weight. Made from steel, not plastic, these steps are safe and durable. Each step body is black powder coated and the steps themselves feature a clear zinc coating (both designed to eliminate corrosion.) The design features a foldable highly textured step for a safe grip as well. There’s a lot of things you can use the roof of your Jeep for, but you have to be able to reach it easily and safely first. https://www.extremeterrain.com/smittybilt-atlas-door-steps-0718-jk.html

Wheeling Where:

California Four Wheel Drive Association – Winter Fun Festival
January 24th – 26th
Grass Valley, California
More Info: https://cal4wheel.com/events

Arizona Military Vehicle Collectors Club – 29th Annual Arizona Military Vehicle Show
January 25th – 26th
Tempe, Arizona
More Info: http://armytrucks.org/

Links Mentioned in Episode 417:

Episode 416 – CB Giveaway and LEGO 4.0L

This Week In Jeep:

Jeep, Peugeot, …and Trump?

You’ve heard me talk about it over the last year or so. First it was just a rumor right on the heels of FCA’s former CEO Sergio Marchionne’s death, that FCA would be looking to merge with another automaker. The how’s and why’s were relatively uncertain at the time because it WAS mostly rumor. And AT the time, Volkswagen was the only other name getting thrown around, and mostly people didn’t see that as being serious venture. But then we heard there were actual talks, and VW more or less bowed out before things got serious, or so we were told. There are still conflicting reports about this, so who knows.  Fast forward to the last few months, when we got confirmation that a merger was actually moving forward, one we hadn’t heard nary a whisper about. 

The news broke a month or two ago, that FCA was going to merge with The PSA Group, a French multinational automaker manufacturing the Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel and Vauxhall brands. The ink was barely dry on the deal that was signed as we recorded the show last week, and the official announcement was made Friday that FCA and PSA will become one. Why Jeeps parent brand always makes these moves while we record the show, I think, is to make sure we don’t interfere, but I’m probably giving the show more credit than its due.  (GEE YA THINK?!?) From a business standpoint, this is a relatively smart move for FCA. Other than the Fiat and Chrysler brands, FCA doesn’t really have a huge passenger car lineup to offer. Chrysler and Dodge both ceased the production of its passenger cars the 200 and Dart respectively, the only two cars FCA made in the U.S. with the goal of focusing on pickups and SUVs for its Ram and Jeep brands. This strategy has paid off, as both Ram and Jeep brands have seen record sales numbers off and on ever since. With this merger, FCA is also going to get a huge amount of electrification R&D and way more manufacturing capabilities in that arena as well. On the surface this looks to be a very solid business deal that will benefit both automakers and their shareholders. However, mere moments after the announcement last Friday, The White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said in a press release that (QUOTE)) “The administration will look very, very closely at the planned merger between Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot owner PSA”

This may be because now that the deal is official (which has been structured as a genuine 50-50 merger,) would create the fourth-largest automaker in the world, with annual sales of nearly 9 million vehicles. Teams at both companies are working to finalize discussions and reach a Memorandum of Understanding in the coming weeks.

FCA and a big French automaker just joined forces, what does this mean for Jeep? And just when you thought it was safe to go back to the toy store, we have something that will have your inner kid screaming to play.

4.0L LEGO Inline Six

You’ve likely seen the youtube videos of people making little model or scaled versions of motors using everything from pop cans to plexi-glass. Some peoples concepts have even included actual running motors that would fit in the palm of your hand.

I’m a full on gear head, and yes, as a kid I played with LEGOS A LOT. I had what I still consider to be one of the largest collections of nothing but space legos that I’ve ever seen still to this day. (and no i’m not talking about those cheesy star wars legos.) 

So it should come as no surprise that I am going to get fully behind this person’s proposal to create a large, highly detailed LEGO model of the 4.0-liter inline-six. 

Arguably one of the greatest engines ever made, and I am going to do everything I can to help make this a reality, including begging you to get behind this effort too.

The Lego version of this famous engine includes a functioning drive chain for operating the camshaft, pushrods, and valve rockers. The crankshaft actually works the movable  pistons. There’s also a two-barrel carburetor and mock-up of a distributor ignition system. When complete, the LEGO powerplant measures 17 inches long, 15 inches tall, and 11 inches wide and would be comprised of around 3,000 individual LEGO pieces.

The builder notes that these are all existing Lego pieces, except for the rubber hoses that connect to the distributor, and the timing chain at the front.  In the rendering we’ll have on the website as well as what you’ll see when you go to the LEGO support page is that some of the colors aren’t stock, and the shades come from the Lego rendering program Studio, the program that creates these renderings. For this model even to get consideration from Lego for production, a proposal needs to garner 10,000 supporters. 

Unfortunately as of December 19th 2019, the inline-six Lego Project only has 158 people behind it. Even after having enough backers, there’s still no guarantee that LEGO will actually put a kit into production. The set is currently looking for support through the Lego Ideas program website (ideas.lego.com) and I want you to check it out and offer whatever support you can, even if it’s just a vote for this to get put into production. Share the link, tell your friends, and post about this on your own social media pages. We’ll of course have the direct link you’ll need to do that on our website in the show notes for this episode, as well as a pic or two for inspiration.

Please let’s make this happen in 2020.

LEGO IDEAS SUPPORT PAGE FOR THE 4.0L i-6: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/1706241e-71ce-4a80-8467-f856d9753468/comments_tab#content_nav_tabs

Wrangler Talk:

That Red Crusty Stuff!!!

Hello JTS listener and I got a real treat for you on this Wrangler Talk, we are going to talk about rust, and no I am not talking about the stuff you pick out of your belly button every morning. I am talking about that frame eating orangey reddish colored stuff you see at least somewhere on your wrangler. Well on this talk I am going to cover some of the ways to treat and eliminate rust spots on your wrangler. So, first rust is the process of metal oxidizing and breaking down when bare metal is exposed to the elements, and the key term there is breaking down, and losing its strength over time. So, it is best to catch rust spots when they are considered surface rust meaning the rust has not penetrated too deep into the metal. SO for this talk I am specifically going to be talking about rust on your frame because let’s be honest that is where rust can be the most detrimental.  So I have heard a lot of different rust treatment out on the market and some of them work better than others, but there is a proper way to take care of rust and that is to own a Prius. Oh wait that came out wrong. Well we all own jeeps and we know that when we offroad we are most likely going to get some type of scratch or scrape on the underside of our jeep and this scratch is where the dreaded rust spot will begin. Ok so no we have some surface rust on the frame or underside of our jeep. Perfect, well we are not going to need so go buy a new skid plate or jeep frame for some surface rust. The best course of actions is to first go to the store and pick up some supplies. We are going to need some wire wheels for a power drill, and a power drill if you do not have one, maybe a breather mask, some safety glasses, cause safety first, masking tape and some paint. Although when I am talking about paint I am talking about some really specific stuff. A couple years ago some companies came out with a special paint called rust converter or rust encapsulator. Now rust converter is a solution of chemicals that actually reacts with the rust causing a chemical change in the substance to create a black inert substance that can be painted over. So depending on how much rust you have on your jeep will determine how much rust converter you will need and yeah I have wheeled with some guys that could use a 55 gallon drum of this stuff and it still wouldn’t help their jeep. But that is beside the point, so how do we use this fancy rust converter. Well it is pretty simple first you are going to want to prepare the surface you are going to be using the rust converter on. So get out some soap and water and first clean the area you are going to be converting and if you are going to do your whole underside make sure you clean your underside. This will remove all dirt and hopefully most of the larger rust particles. Next break those wire wheels and drill and go to town. You are going to want to remove all the stubborn dirt and rust particles. Although we are not looking to remove all the rust that is kind of the point of the rust converter, the rust converter will bond to the rust and convert it to a paintable surface. Just like how we bond to our beers after a long-broken wheeling trip. After we are done wire wheeling our underside, the best practice is to us an oil and grease remover to ensure that there is no oil or grease and ensure proper adhesion of the rust converter to all the rust on the metal you are trying to convert. Then tape off all the areas on the underside of your jeep that you don’t want to paint or anywhere there will be a possibility for over spray and then start spraying or rolling on the rust converter and please read the instructions on the can so you know how much to apply to the metal surface. After you converted all the rust back to the inert paintable material now it prepped to be painted with any paint color of your choosing. So it pretty easy to eliminate the rust on your under side although you are asking what if my rust spot turned into a hole well then that is going to require some more work. When dealing with holes in your frame or anywhere on the body of your jeep it is best to remove the affected areas by cutting out the rust spot and welding in new metal plates to strengthen your frame or body.  So as I said catching rust spot early and treating them early is key. There are some rust repair kits out on the market that actually pieces of bent metal that will allow you to remove the rust spots on your frame and weld in new pieces of the frame eliminating the rust hole and getting you back up and running. And if there are multiple holes in your frame I do kind of recommend just spending the cash and replacing your frame your jeep will thank you in the long run I promise you that. So what did we learn. Stay on top your rust spots so you are not the guy out on the trail with a broken frame and two halves of a jeep. Thank you for listening to this week wrangler talk and remember if you have any question or comments please head over to our website at jeeptalkshow.com/contact and shoot us an email or leave us a voice message and talk to you next week on the wrangler talk with Bill.

Top 5 Mods for the New Jeep Owner

First Time Jeep Owner Eager to Mod

Tow points front and rear.  Modern day Wrangler should already have this, but if it doesn’t or it’s missing get it and install it yourself Rock sliders!  Your Wrangler may have come with something that looks like sliders, that stuff that hangs down under the doors, but make sure they are ROCK sliders and not some cheap thin metal, or plastic.  Oh and never get sliders with steps. The point of sliders is to help you slide over rocks! Side steps will just make it harder. LED spare tire brake light!  This ring of LEDs mounts behind your spare tire and connects easily to your third brake light.  You’re not likely to take much damage when that Prius rear ends you, so the additional brake lighting might help save the person behind you astronomical repair costs! Headlights!  Jeep has improved how bright their headlights are but you can always improve it right?  Release your inner Tim the Tool Man and add more power, ahhh light. LED lights will be brighter, and require less power. Fitted floor mats.  Quadratec, Rugged Ridge, both sell a great set of thick fitted floor mats for your Jeep.  They have deep treads like mud tires and high sides that fit perfectly where your feet go.  These are a great addition to a Jeep to give it a rugged look and keep your carpet free of mud and water!

Jeep Life:

Overland Apps

Spending a month on the road traversing the US taught me so much. From Realizing the first mod I should of made was moving my rear license plate to the spare tire to what apps are helpful on the road. I wanted to share two of those apps with you. I-overlander and GaiaGPS  iOverlander is a nonprofit project. Mostly volunteer run. iOverlander is a database of places for overlanders and travelers. It includes camping, hotels, restaurants, mechanics, water, propane filling and may other categories. Details are listed for each place, including amenities, photos, date last visited and GPS coordinates. Search our listings or browse on a map! In addition to finding places, you can add new places, record your trip, and share places with friends or other travelers. All of these features will work offline, except you will not be able to view the map. iOverlander is an app built for Overlanders, by Overlanders. It has been tested in dozens of countries and across tens of thousands of miles.  Gaia GPS has so much more than I was able to explore while I was on the road. I am looking forward to using it more. But the one time it really helped was when we were on Mojave Road. Some parts of Mojave road are sandy washouts and the tracks go in so many directions. Following along on Gaia we were able to follow the right track.

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk:

Surviving Harsh Winters

I don’t know about you, but I like the cold. Our Jeeps, not as much. Old man winter comes around each and every year and drains our batteries, shrinks our seals, and freezes out locks, not to mention makes our commute or drive to the parts store a lot harder than it needs to be. Although there’s not a lot we can do about those non Jeep owners on the road, we can make owning a Jeep in the dead of winter a little easier with a couple easy tricks. In episode 414, Tony gave us the top 5 tips for keeping your windshield from icing up. We’ll add one more to that list courtesy of listener Louis Wong, who suggests keeping a spray bottle of 80% or better Isopropyl Alcohol handy, as a few spritz of that will have the windshield ice free in no time. Even if you Jeep is parked right out in the driveway, getting from the front door to your Jeep in the middle of a harsh winter can be pretty miserable. It’s worse if you get there only to find the door locks are frozen shut. Hand sanitizer is going to be your key to getting inside. The alcohol works in the same way it does on the windshield to thaw the ice, so you can hop in and get the heater turned on high. Ever have the doors freeze shut on your Jeep before? It sucks!, and the only way in, is to chip away enough ice around the edges to force your way inside. Actually, you can prevent this from happening all together by spraying the door edges with cooking spray. Just be sure to wipe off the excess. Are your tires a little too worn to be facing that sudden slippery snowfall? Lower your tires’ pressure a bit a good 10 pounds should do it, and you’ll get better traction. If you have a deep winter survival tip for owning a Jeep, give us a call or write us a message like Louis did, and share your idea.

Interview with:

Wendy Stevens – Avid Jeeper and Spotter at the Big Bear Nexen Tire Event.

Must Have Stuff for your Jeep:

Hi-Lift Jack Lift Mate (Model #: LM-100)  – $34.00

Many trucks and SUV’s have larger tires and/or lift kits that require extensive lifting height ability from the bumper jack. The Lift-Mate is designed to operate in a manner that allows the vehicle to be lifted directly from the wheel, greatly reducing the amount of travel up the jack bar needed to lift the wheel in an adequate and safe height. Lift-Mate Features & Specifications: Lift Capacity: 5000 lbs. (2273 kg) Rubber-Coated hooks to protect the wheel Rubber pad for protecting the tire and wheel A Must Have if you off road

Camp Fireside Chat:

LED light strip.

Jeep Weather:

Hey Jeeper, Mitch here, today is the twentieth of December 2019, and it’s time for your weekend Going Topless-Jeep Weather Report. So, to make Josh’s wish of seeing pictures of Jeepers Topless while with their family cruising Christmas Lights, this segment is dedicated to all those locations in North America known for their epic Christmas light displays. Use #JeepTalkShow in your pictures on social media so that we can see them too. First let’s start in a submission from Instagram: Fresno, California is Christmas Tree Lane. Here a whole neighborhood, a 2-mile stretch of road, for 97 years, decorating everything in lights. There you can cruise on most nights down the road to look at all the lights. Cruise Topless with the family and hot chocolates. Friday will be 63, Saturday 65 and cloudy, and Sunday 59 with a chance of rain. Next lets cruise to Glendale, Arizona and Glendale Glitters. Food, live performances, and plenty of Christmas lights to look at. Here it will be 67 Friday, and cloudy Saturday and Sunday at 71 and 70. Alright, this last location should be a no brainer. Santa Claus, Indiana has Santa Claus Land of Lights at Lake Rudolph Campground. This is a 1.2 miles of Christmas lights for you and your family to cruise topless through. SC, Indiana will be partly cloudy: Friday 48, and Saturday and Sunday 52. Don’t forget to use the #JeepTalkShow on social media for us to see those pictures. From all of us at the Jeep Talk Show, Merry Christmas! If you have any suggestions or want to know YOUR local weather in an upcoming episode. Go to JeepTalkShow.com slash contact in order to find all the ways to get a message to me.

I’m Mitch and its always great weekend to Go Topless if you’re brave enough! Just Go Topless responsibly.

Wheeling Where

San Diego 4 Wheelers – 22nd Annual Superstition Mountain Run
January 17th – 19th
El Centro, California
More Info: https://sd4wheel.com/

Southwest Off-Road Adventures – Sonoita Off-Road Trails & Wine Tour
January 17th – 19th
Sonoita, Arizona
More Info: http://southwestoffroadadventures.com/

Links Mentioned in Episode 416: 

Colby Valve & Hi-Lift mate Video – Tammy pops her bead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxHU4alqnQA&t=110s

Hi-Lift Safety Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlxX_PeRgaA