Show # 41 Fixing broken Jeeps

Lets try this again. Scott here and I broke the podcast. Anyhow I fixed it. Kevin fixes the Jeeps and I fix the internet. On this show we talk about Jeep repairs and winching class. We also announce that OTT has been asked to join the 4x4 radio network. Click the link and check out some awesome content.Thanks again for Listening!

Show # 40 Jeepin with Judd and Cylinder heads.

Hello fellow Jeepers, after a dust filled weekend at JWJ we sat down and talked Jeep cylinder heads, hubs, the event and emails. Kevin answers a few emails about gears. And Scott issues a apology. Thank you for downloading and sharing our Jeep show. Because of you we have a MAJOR announcement coming up! See you all on the 15th.

show # 37 Towing with your Jeep

Hello again and welcome back. This show we dive into towing with your Jeep. Is it a good idea or a bad one? thats a call only you can make. We give the pros and cons of both. kelvins garage we talk about Jeep computers and what that check engine light may mean. Thanks again for downloading and we'll catch you on the 1st!.