Ep 117: Social Distancing

This week, we act responsibly and record over video chat. In reality, I was just tired of Matt and Jose eating all the food in my house when they come over. 

We also spend some time talking to some of our friends in the industry about how the recent events are impacting their business. Thank you to Jeremy and Tyler (@ivdsuspension), Jason (@demellooffroad), Rory (@triggercontroller), and Christian (@shiftpod) for having some real conversations with us.

BONUS: Four Wheeler Adventure Expo Pt 2

In this episode we have all of the interviews from the #fourwheelermag #adventureexpo in Orange County last weekend. Thank you to all of the people that took the time to talk to us.









Ep 115: Four Wheeler Adventure Expo Pt1

The @fourwheelermag #adventureexpo in #orangecounty was a huge success. We were able to interview @truckshowpodcast @trailrecon and @xoverland in Part 1 of our coverage of the event. Additional interviews will be released in a few days in a bonus episode. 

We are extremely appreciative to the @ivdsuspension Team for setting us up next to their rig and giving us the opportunity to participate in the event. Thank you to all of the people that sat down with us, in this episode and in the upcoming bonus episode. We continue to be surprised at the people that are willing to spend time with us and humbled by the opportunity to share the conversations with you. 

This event was so much fun and I can not wait to see it grow

@nexentireusa @ivdsuspension

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Ep 114: Jillian Rebekah

This week we talk to @jillianrebekah joins us in the studio. We talk to her about how and why she found herself on the path of an outdoor adventure seeker, her journey in to the offroad world, and what she has learned about being in the social media spotlight. We talk about what her plans are going forward and we can not wait to see how far she goes. Thank you, Jillian for being part of the show.