Ep 77: Where’s Matt?

Cody and Jose speculate on what Matt had to do that was more important than recording the show. Then we talk about Father's Day, Why we got some crappy iTunes reviews, talk about some of the articles written about the show, and finally talk about a bunch of upcoming events in the offroad community.

Ep 76: Melinda Russell

After Matt makes it clear that he no longer wants to work with Cody, we discuss a topic sent in by a listener about going from a Wangler to something more economical. Then we talk to Melinda Raussell, Founder of the International Women's Motorsports Association @iwmanation

Ep 75: The Matt and Jose Show

While Cody is off on Daddy-Duty, Jose comes in and picks up the slack. Matt and Jose talk about Mojave, the Frontier, and some craziness, which should be expected. Thanks to Jose for being a clutch-hitter. And just for the record, I didn't think Val Kilmer was bad as Batman.

Ep 74: Mojave Trail Recap

We made it through the desert and NOBODY DIED! We talk about our recent trip on the Mojave Trail and interview a few of the listeners that joined us for the trip. We may, or may not, have gotten lost a few times. You will have to listen to find out.

Ep 73: Warfighter Made

We talk to Rob and Lindsey from @warfightermade. We try to understand their mission and all of the amazing work that they do for our #veterans. We tackle some very serious topics and hope that if you are impacted by any of these issues, you reach out to them, or someone else, for help. After talking about some of the heavier topics, we try to lighten it up an have some fun. Please, go to the warfightermade.org site and donate today.