Ep 94: Tony May and Rigs & Kids

Presented by @nexentireusa

After recapping the Rigs & Kids event @smtoyota with @_robdaman we talk to Tony May from @jeepnationtv

Interviews and Mentions:

36m57s-Bryan Taylor @ivdynamics

38m17s- Mike Mamic @smtoyota

46m40s: Ryan @bossstrongbox

1h04m47s @redlandsjeep

Bonus Episode: Offroad Expo Interviews

Here is the bonus content that we weren't able to get to on our regularly scheduled podcast. There are a lot of good interviews and general ramblings. Check it out and let us know what you think:

1m:50s - Rough Country

5m:41s - King Shocks

13m:51s - Radflo

18m:06s - Bilstein 

13m:04s - Jeremy @cj5_sheila

36m:40s - Grid Offroad

42m:20s - Red Barron Tools

46m:14s - Rockslide Engineering


Ep 92: Offroad Expo 2019 Recap

Presented by Nexen Tire: We spent the entire weekend in the @nexentireusa booth at #offroadexpo We gave away a lot of swag, got Omaha'd a bunch, and had an epic weekend. Thank you to Nexen for setting us up in their booth and to all of the people we talked to. Interviews include:

Joe K (15m:56s)

Sergio (20m:33s)

Dave w/ TrailAdventuresUSA (23m:58s)

Tony May (28m:20s)

Francis (53m:55s)

Syndicate Offroad (1h:20m:24s)

Sara Price (1h:32m:00s)

John Currie (1h:43m:24s)