Ep 72: Maps & the Mojave Trail

Matt and Cody talk about all the nerdy mapping tools we use to create the maps for our trips. Then, we walk through the upcoming #mojavetrail trip. If you are interested in joining us for Memorial Day weekend 2019, go to www.trailchasers.net/mojave2019

Ep 71: Rich Klein (4 Low Magazine, We Rock & Dirt Riot)

We talk to Rich Klein from 4 Low Magazine, We Rock and Dirt Riot about how he decided to quit a successful career to pursue his passion and about how is able to get so much stuff done while living on the road full time. You get to hear Matt and Cody talk about how we ended up in air conditioning and why we think there should be more investment in shop classes in school.

Ep 70: Steven Lutz (Rugged Rocks/Rugged Routes)

We talk to Steve from @ruggedrocks and @ruggedroutes about the work he has done in the #nissan offroad space and in #gps routing. We discover that Steve is a mad scientist that hangs out with people on the International Space Station! We had a really good conversation with Steve and hope to be able to connect with him again soon.

Ep 69: Big Island Off Road and Syndicate Offroad

This week we talk about the recent blog update that recaps our #cleghorn run and when we stopped by the @syndicate.offroad meet-n-greet. Then, we get a full taste of jealousy after talking to Sean Harwood from @big_island_offroad

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