Episode 398 – Why You Never Wheel Alone

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This Week In Jeep: FCA claims to have fixed death wobble in new Jeeps- here’s how they did it. ….. And The State Patrol Weighs in on Foldable Jeep Windshields

Wrangler Talk: Jeep Momma’s Epic Off Road Adventure   

Interview with: Shelly Campa – Jeeper who went wheeling alone and then needed to be rescued.

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: Glazed And Confused – Why Your Brakes May Not Be Performing As Well As They Should.

Nicky G: Is on a Roll

Wheeling Where

Who/What: Big Dogs Offroad – Big Dogs Main Jambo

When: September 6th -8th

Where: Gore, Virginia

More Info: https://bigdogsoffroad.com/

Open to the public, Raffle: Winch, Hi-Lift, tow straps, and more, T-shirts, Night runs, 3 day event, Saturday night Bonfire party,

Roll over Jeep, Teeter-totter,  turtle race, RTI ramp, 3 day event


Who/What: Summers End Bash

When: September 13th – 15th

Where: Purcell Trench Ranch – Bonners Ferry, Idaho

More Info: https://www.mountain-mafia.com/

All trucks and side-by-sides welcome. Beginner to Expert hills, trails, rocks.

Massive 3 acre mud play area. Hill-n-Hole jump track. Slick Wall, Mud Racing, Food vendors, night wheeling, family friendly event. 


Links Mentioned in Episode 398: 



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Episode 397 – Amy Granat of CORVA.org

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Merideth Evasew from ExtremeTerrain has produced her most recent Throttle Out episode, published just the other day, featuring a very lucky and very green Mojito JLU Sport.  Mer’s goal was to create a daily driver that wouldn’t break the bank while incorporating some nice functional styling pieces like Armor, Bumpers, and rock sliders—because that beautiful Mojito Green is too pretty for tree and rock rash! 

This Week In Jeep:

Long Time Rubicon Veteran Passes Away
Many of you may not be familiar with the name Steve Morris. But he left this world in a way any of us Jeepers could be proud of…. on his own turf doing what he loved most. Morris, who lived in Sacramento, owned part of the Rubicon Trail and had been on 65 of 67 Jeepers Jamborees there. Morris was born on June 7, 1930, and bought his first Jeep in 1954, a Willys CJ2A. In that same year he participated in his first Jeepers Jamboree on the Rubicon Trail and hasn’t missed one since. He literally became a living legend out on the trail. One of the trail’s most difficult obstacles, Morris Rock, is named after him. Rock Rollers in the Rubicon are people who help Jeepers get through boulders on the trail. Stationed at key points along the way, Rock Rollers not only guide drivers, they often help lift and maneuver stuck vehicles and help prevent rollovers. As a rock roller himself, Steve would help vehicles get through that challenging part of the trail that had his namesake. He had an unparalleled eagerness to help people whenever they needed it. El Dorado County parks manager Vickie Sanders remembers Steve like this:  “When my father passed away (five years ago) Steve told me he always wanted a daughter, so he adopted me. He was always kind and he would do anything I needed.” Sanders has known Morris since she began managing the Rubicon Trail about 20 years ago. She said he worked closely with her on various trail issues, volunteering his time to help keep the history and trail intact. “He was the most amazing, giving man that I’ve ever met,” Sanders said. In 1985, a group of 12 people (including Morris) purchased part of Rubicon Springs on the Rubicon Trail just three days before it was going to be taken over by the U.S. Forest Service. Not only a trail-blazer for the Rubicon, Morris also founded the California Association of Four-Wheel Drive Clubs in 1959 and served as its president until 1961. In 1966, he started the Lake Tahoe Hi-Lo club where he and other volunteers in the community adopted and maintained trails in the Tahoe National Forest. All of his off-roading led him to be one of six inducted this year to the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony will be held on Nov. 3 at South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame announced that they will also honor Morris’ life and legacy at the awards ceremony.
Morris devoted his entire life to helping people, improving trails and forests and being a pioneer on the Rubicon Trail. As he got older, Morris had to be talked out of working with the Rock Rollers. He then turned his energy to giving history talks about the complete history of the Rubicon Trail dating back hundreds of years. His son, Rick Morris, wrote a book in 2011 called, “Rubicon Springs and The Rubicon Trail: A History.” Rick has committed to giving the history talks in his dad’s place, ensuring the legend and memory of the man and the region live on for another generation. Steve Morris passed on July 27 after giving his annual Saturday morning history talk out on the famous trail. Jeepers Jamboree office manager Lacey Stiles walks us through his last moments. She said. “After he did his talk he ate lunch. They asked if he wanted something to drink, he said, ‘I would like some scotch,’ …he had a sip, ……and went through the pearly gates.” Rest In Peace Rock Roller, you will be missed. From all of us at the Jeep Talk Show, our deepest sympathies go out to the Morris family.

“Mad-Max” Like Jeep Confiscated At Border
This story is a more than a few months old, but it was so buried and hidden, we actually had to do some digging to find the whole story. (look at us working on our investigative journalism.)  Apparently, at one point in February, Border Patrol agents seized a heavily modified Jeep Cherokee after smugglers fleeing southbound got stuck on a vehicle barrier. So, according to reports, The agents working a stretch of desert about four miles north of the U.S / Mexico border discovered evidence of tracks from an off-road vehicle on the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge. This is not an area where off-road vehicle tracks are supposed to be. So they called in additional Border Patrol agents, along with a helicopter crew to begin the search. The helicopter crew spotted the off-road vehicle in question speeding toward the international boundary. The reports say that the entire roof of the SUV was gone, and most of the body work had been stripped away. The windshield had been replaced by a metal screen, and the whole thing was outfitted with some sort of a custom-made roll-cage. 

((QUOTE))”It reminds me of ‘Mad Max’,” one officer said in his report.  Inside the vehicle, the crew spotted 11 people and what was thought to be several large bundles of marijuana …..go ahead and let that sink in a minute. An older Jeep Cherokee, …modified or not… there were ELEVEN ADULTS in a frickin XJ!  PLUS bundles of weed.  No wonder the roof was gone, they were probably stacked and piled in there like a game of “pot-n-people-Jenga!” The driver headed to a part of the border, more than a dozen miles west of Lukeville, Arizona, where two large makeshift vehicle ramps were already in place over the border barriers. The driver attempted to drive over the barrier fence using the ramps, but failed, dropping one of the rear tires off the ramp as he went up. The Jeep obviously became critically stuck on the large steel post and rail barrier. 

In one of the reports it says, it was at that moment, all 11 occupants exited the vehicle, (which was still halfway up the ramp) and fled into Mexico with the suspected marijuana. U.S. officials asked Mexican officials to deploy military law enforcement to the area, but ”officials are officials” and officially, no one ever found the suspects or the drugs. Authorities have “officially” seized the vehicle however… So there’s that at least.  This particular smuggling attempt may sound familiar to many of you…..  It resembles a similar incident back in 2012, in which (the photo that went viral) shows a silver Jeep Cherokee which got high centered on a massive 14-foot-high section of border wall. That one was near Imperial Sand Dunes as the driver attempted to drive it down another makeshift custom-made ramp. Granted, that one was a lot bigger. But still. It’s Interesting nonetheless, why they keep coming back to the XJ as the preferred “wall climbing vehicle.” 

Interview: Amy Granat – CORVA (California Off-Road Vehicle Association) https://corva.org

Amy has been Managing Director of the California Off-Road Vehicle Association (CORVA) since 2011. Amy rediscovered her love for 4-wheeling after becoming disabled, and even met her husband Joe on a trail. His Jeep followed her truck, and the rest was history! When Amy started wheeling around the state and saw all the roads and trails threatened with closure, she knew she had to find a group that would fight for her right, and the rights of everyone else, to travel off-road. CORVA is the organization that is dedicated to fighting for OHV in California.

CORVA is celebrating their 50 Year Anniversary in 2020 of advocating for off-roaders and off-road opportunities throughout California. CORVA preserves, promotes and protects off-road recreation by working in the legislative, legal and political arenas with all levels of government, from local to federal.

Wheeling Where?!?!

For all our jeepers up north, (or if you just want an excuse to get out of the country….)

Who/What: Niagara Jeep Fest 2019
When: August 24th (all day)
Where: Niagara Regional Agricultural Society, Welland, Canada
More Info: Fundraising Jeep and 4×4 show with RTI Ramp, Teeter Totter, Mud Pits, prizes, awards and more

Who/What: Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion
When: August 23rd – 24th
Where: LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge, TN
More Info: Over a hundred vendors will be featured within and outside of the LeConte Center. Enjoy a variety of events, including a Show and Shine competition for those wishing to impress with their build. There will be something for everyone to enjoy!


Episode 396 – Burnt Customs Giveaway!

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This Week In Jeep:

Death Rolling

It happens every so often, a loose piece of debris on the freeway causes an accident. A leftover part of a bumper from an accident, or perhaps a mattress that blew off the back of someone’s truck, or more often times than not, it’s a shredded off piece of a semi truck tire…. By now you’ve probably guessed that I’m talking about a video that went viral this week, depicting not just a piece of a semi truck tire, but the whole damn thing careening down the freeway until the inevitable happens. On State Route 440 in New Jersey this week, a driver captured on video what appears to be a broken off dump truck wheel and tire rolling down the highway. It passes another car, at speed mind you, hops the barrier, rides the median for about 50 yards, before falling into oncoming traffic this time and striking a jeep head on. The impact is tremendous. The jeep is simply obliterated by this several hundred pound wheel and tire assembly. According to a local news affiliate, the driver of the Jeep Wrangler was off duty police officer John Rice who was following behind his wife and children which were in the car directly ahead of him. In a recent interview he mentions seeing the tire on the other side of the freeway coming right at them. He remembers saying “oh god, please don’t let that hit my wife’s car” …..having not only his spouse in the vehicle, but his two kids as well.

2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer: What We Know

Jeep has been getting a lot of attention lately with its latest vehicle line up. From the new pickup, to an impressive line of SUV’s, there is one product that has been sorely missing from the stable, and that is a three-row SUV. Soon, FCA will remedy that by bringing back the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer nameplates for two SUVs slotting above the Grand Cherokee. Jeep has kept details on the upcoming large SUVs real close to the chest, even including what they will look like—but we have an imagination, and things like photoshop…so we can guess. Automobile Magazine has released this week a series of renderings which are intended to provide (at least) an idea of what the real-deal Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer may look like when they arrive in two years.Though the SUV’s overall shape is reminiscent of the Grand Cherokee, the Wagoneer is expected to be body-on-frame, sharing components with the Ram 1500. 

Unusual Ram prototypes have been spied testing nearby that some believe to be mules for the Wagoneer. In some photos of those vehicles you can barely make out the truck’s rear independent suspension. Swapping the Ram’s rear live axle out for an independent setup should grant more passenger space in the third row as well as a more luxury-oriented ride. The Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer will be built at FCA’s Warren Truck Assembly Plant in Michigan, alongside the new Ram HD. The renderings (which we will have a copy of on our website) draw heavily from the Jeep Yuntu concept, which was shown a couple years back at the Shanghai auto show.

Wrangler Talk: 

Speeding Tix, Trail Damage & Celebrity Status

Interview with: Tammy with Burnt Customs


Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: Easy Way To Get Fluids into Tight Spaces

Must Have Stuff for your Jeep:

Must Have Stuff Pick-of-the-Week for your Jeep!

The Original Trasharoo Spare Tire Trash Receptacle

https://amzn.to/3194g47 – $44.99 & free shipping

Being a good steward of the land we wheel on is important for keeping the trails and public lands open for offroad use. And nothing will shut things down faster than a bunch of litter. I’ve seen all too many times, out on the trail, fresh air, nature, dirt, birds, jeeps, and nature as far as the eye can see. Oh, and that pile of beer cans over there. And is that a burger king wrapper in that bush over there? Nobody likes seeing their favorite trail system ruined by a bunch of trash. And there’s no better way to help clean things up and pack it out, then by having a Trasharoo on the back of the Jeep. HIGH QUALITY – Made from high quality 900 denier canvas with wide buckles and a heavy-duty attachment to your existing external spare tire.

The Original Trasharoo Spare Tire Trash Receptacle https://amzn.to/3194g47


Nicky G: One Night Stand

Wheeling Where:

Who/What: 17th annual 4 Wheel Parts – Truck & Jeep Fest 

When: August 17th – 18th

Where: Orlando, Florida

More Info: https://www.4wheelparts.com/e/orlando-truck-jeep-fest

Orlando and Central Florida off-road enthusiasts will be treated to the 17th appearance of North America’s largest off-road touring show. The Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center is located 19 miles from Orlando International Airport on SR-528 W. The fest will feature 100,000 square feet of parts from popular aftermarket brands with exclusive onsite discounts. Visit the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center for directions, maps, parking information, and local accommodations.

At the 4WP Truck & Jeep Fest you will find custom trucks and Jeeps, product demonstrations, factory direct pricing and hourly giveaways. Free admission.


Who/What: Iron Range Off-Road August Rust Bust

When: August 24th – 25th

Where: Iron Range OHV Park – Gilbert, Minnesota

More Info: https://ironrangeoffroad.com/offroad-classes/august-rust-bust-2019


Links Mentioned in Episode 296

TruShield’s giveaway with Extreme Terrain


Setting your Antenna for best SWR

We recently had a listener request we explain how to adjust a mobile CB antenna for best SWR.  First off let’s talk  about antenna placement.  The best place to put an antenna is generally accepted to be placed where it will receive and transmit best.  Fortunately if receive is good transmit should work as well.  The common antenna to use on our Jeeps is a single “trucker” style fiberglass antenna.  Only the outside of the antenna is fiberglass, there is a wire inside, or wrapped around the length of the whip.   Most people place the antenna on the rear of the Jeep.  What you should keep in mind that the antenna you see is only half of the antenna!  The other half of the antenna is an electrical reflection of the antenna you see.  That means that you have to have metal to achieve this reflection.

If you connect your antenna to something that is insulated, either the material is not metal or it is painted then that reflected half of your antenna won’t be there, or won’t be there all the time.  This will drastically alter the Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) of your antenna system.  A much less common place to put your antenna is on the fender as seen in the picture to your left.  This provides a very nice connection and reflective surface to create that half of your antenna’s image.  It also makes running the coaxial (coax) cable run shorter.   Let’s get this out of the way.  Coaxial cable can be any length and should be as short as possible.  Coax causes loss of signal in both transmit and receive.  The shorter it is the less loss.  More power to the antenna for transmit and more signal for receive in your radio.  NEVER use the length of your coax to adjust the SWR of your antenna system.  If changing the coax length changes your SWR you have an antenna problem.

I haven’t used a CB in a long time, or purchased an antenna, so this information may not be current.  The four foot trucker antenna was the go-to antenna for mobile operation, and I think it still is.  This antenna is “PRE-TUNED”, which means you can’t adjust it.  Well let me take a step back.  What is tuning an antenna and why do you do it.  Well we’re talking about adjusting your SWR so the why is to get the best SWR!  The “tuning” is adjusting the length of the antenna.   Why does the length of the antenna make a difference to how well your antenna system works?  The length of the antenna is tied directly to the frequency of the radio that you are using!  The higher the frequency the shorter the antenna!  The lower the frequency the longer the antenna.  There is a formula.  468 divided by {Frequency} (Ex. 468 / 27.205 MHz = 17.2090 feet).  Wait a minute!  I never see 17 feet long CB antennas!  You’re right you don’t.  That is a half wave antenna length and since the metal in your Jeep reflects HALF of the antenna you only need an antenna that is half of that 17 feet, or 9 feet.  Okay, Mister Wizard, I don’t see any 9 feet antennas either, well there was that long stainless steel whip that I saw on the van down by the river…

Antennas can be made to look “electrically” longer than their physical dimensions.  If you look closely at the 4 foot fiberglass antennas you’ll see wire wrapped around the fiberglass rod.  They are making this antenna 9 feet long, electrically.  Some of you may remember seeing antennas with large bases, like the K40, a coil of wire is inside that base, making it 9 feet long, electrically.  You’ll see advertisements like 5/8’s wave antenna etc… which just means there is more wire in the coil.  4/8’s in 2/4 or 1/2 wave.  So 5/8’s it a tab bit longer.  I’ll tell you a secret.  A coil of wire is not a good antenna!  The best antenna is going to be at least a half wave antenna, or better yet a full wave.  If more antenna is more better, that means the van down by the river with the 9 foot long antenna is better than that trucker antenna you have attached to your Jeep.  Not that having a 9 foot antenna on your Jeep is very practical, especially when you’re off road. 			</div><!-- .entry-content -->
</article><!-- #post-## -->

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Episode 395 – Rough Country, they’ve come along way baby!

This Week In Jeep:

Jeep Tire Slasher on the loose!

Cape Hatteras Park Service has reported multiple vehicles having their tires slashed at parking areas on Bodie and Hatteras islands. The primary target is Jeep Wranglers.  Seven vehicles, five of which were Wranglers, had their tires punctured.  They took their time and enjoyed themselves puncturing four tires! This criminal act of vandalism took place between July 11th and July 21st.  There was no mention in the press release if any of the tires were of the off road, more expensive variety but even having your stock tires slashed is buy a time wasting hassle and expensive.  We hope that insurance covered most of the cost for tire replacement.  
If you see a Jeep being vandalized take it upon yourself to report it to the police and anything you can add to the individual that was doing it.  We need to look out for each other.  If you do have any information about this crime in particular, you can contact the Dar County Community Crimeline at 888-653-0009.


Nexen Tire America Inc., a worldwide leader in high-performance, passenger, SUV / light truck and winter tires, has announced the details of the fully-customized 2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport S which will be given away National Purple Heart Day, Aug. 7 to a combat-wounded veteran as part of the Nexen Hero program. Featuring Nexen 35-Inch Roadian MTX Xtreme Off-Road Mud Terrain tires, the giveaway is sequel to the highly successful ‘American Muscle for American Heroes’ program that ran last year. Just like last year’s program, Nexen Tire and The Purple Heart Foundation have teamed up for a second time to honor a well-deserving Purple Heart recipient – this time with a customized 2020 Jeep Gladiator.  This year’s program features an iconic vehicle that has been one of the most exciting vehicle launches in decades. With the help of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Nexen Tire America was able to purchase one of the first publicly available 2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport S’s in the nation. Waiting for the Gladiator was legendary car builder Kenny Pfitzer of Zero to 60 Designs who took his original knowledge of the first campaign to spearhead the Gladiator build.

For more information on the Purple Heart Foundation, visit https://purpleheartfoundation.org.

Please visit http://www.nexentireusa.com/nexenhero to nominate a Purple Heart recipient and for official giveaway rules.

Contributor Segment: 

Nexan Tire Extreme Rock Challenge – Tires Used Details

Don Alexander of the Jeep 4×4 School joins us to talk in detail about the Nexen Roadian MTX tires that the Jeeps were fitted with on Tony’s trip to Big Bear Lake last week. 



Wrangler Talk: Tammy’s Latest Wheeling Trip 

Interview with Alan with Rough Country 


Tech Talk With Jeep Talk:

Replacing your HVAC Blower Motor 

Brian from Root One Six joins us and shares his recent replacement of the blower motor on his 2008 JKU Rubicon.
Apparently it’s easy to replace, so do so when it acts up and not when you start to sweat!



Nicky G: Area 51 Tips 



Wheeling Where:

 Wicked Jeeps NC (on Facebook)
When: August 3rd
Where: Uwharrie, North Carolina
Wicked Jeeps will be hosting an all day beginner/intermediate wheeling lesson in Uwharrie August 3rd!!
You will have a chance to truly understand what you and your jeep are capable of all while being in the company of experienced offroaders to ensure a safe and enjoyable day!!
We will meet at the Eldorado Outpost at 8am, here we will show you the mechanics of your jeep, help you disconnect sway bars and air down those tires etc.. (make sure you bring two 18mm wrenches and a tire pressure gauge) We will convoy out to the Uwharrie trails at 9:30am.

Links Mentioned in Episode 395: