VOTD – Rat Rod + Diesel = WIN

Diesel motors when paired with a light vehicle will give you tons of fuel economy. When placed in a large truck you’ll get tons of power. What about when you drop a Power Stroke from a F350 into a slammed rat rod? Just watch the video and find out!

VOTD – XOverlnd Episode 3

Back in episode 13 of the podcast I interviewed Clay Croft from xoverland.com.  Back then he was still working on Episode 3 and ever since then, I’ve been anticipating the release.  It has finally been released and IT IS AWESOME!  I won’t spoil it for you so you’ll just have to watch for yourself.  I … Continue reading »

VOTD – Video of the Day of 2 April

I certainly wouldn’t recommend trying this out even if you know that your snorkle system is well sealed.  Sucking water into your engine will cause whats called as hydrolock.  Water does not compress in the same manner as air.  So when water gets into the cylinder of a running motor, somethings gonna give and usually its … Continue reading »