Episode 144 – Ironman 4×4 America

This episode of The 4×4 Podcast is brought to you by LT Wright Knives.  These heirloom quality pieces will outlast your adventure so, plan well, drive safely, and carry an LTWK. Find out more online athttp://ltwrightknives.com. Interview with Luke of Ironman 4×4 USA https://ironman4x4america.com/   LTWK From the wilds of Alaska to the searing heat of … Continue reading »

CentreSteer #72 – OVLR & LRO List

The Seventy-Second episode

Guest: Dixon Kenner, OVLR, #80InchWeekend 1:12 – 2:08

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@Rovatorre – Range Rover Classic Winch Trays

Music: https://www.purple-planet.com

Episode 378 – Torqued, Topless and Tardy

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This Week In Jeep: Texas Jeep Loses Wheel – Causes 17 car pile up

Coach gets new Jeep – after oil change goes bad

Contributor Segment: N/A

Wrangler Talk: Top 5 Offroad Driving Basics

Interview with: Jared from XG Cargo https://xgcargo.com/

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: More Wrenching Tips / Tricks / Hacks

Must Have Stuff for your Jeep: Wooden Mechanical Jeep Willys 3D Model


Jeep Cherokee Stock To Wheeler: N/A

Nicky G: …..Makes us all groan

Wheeling Where:

Canadian Jeep Girls Go Topless Day



FOURTH annual Virginia Beach Jeep Fest



Easter Jeep Safari,


Links Mentioned in Episode 378:


Ep 65: EcoKrawl Recap and UFO’s

We recap our time as the emcees of the @ecokrawl event this weekend in Norco, Ca. We have interviews with @unboundmo @otwellweldingandfabrication @slickrockgear @atomicmonkeyindustries @currirenterprises @airdown_offroad and @nexentireusa

Then, we make an attempt to talk about some UFO stuff (because we keep teasing it) and it goes so far off the rails, we had to scrap most of it. We will be back to normal next week.