Episode 350 – Jeep Action Mag Winner Announced!!

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This Week In Jeep: Orr Jeep Recovery Details / Jeep Turns To Celebrities For Wrangler Customization Contest

Contributor Segment: Steve 4.3LXJ – More Dana 30 Stuff

Wrangler Talk: n/a

Interview with: Robin “Rob” Touw

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: n/a

Must Have Stuff for your Jeep: Flexible Magnetic Tool Holder – Lodesol Flexible Magnetic Tool Holder – https://amzn.to/2D2J2xY

Jeep Cherokee Stock To Wheeler:

Nicky G: “in a wardrobe”

Wheeling Where:

Quadratec Annual Tent Sale



Natural State Overland Presents: Rendezvous in the Ozarks 2018



Episode 349 – Grandma Thwarts Thieves From Her Jeep

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This Week In Jeep: Elderly woman wards off car thieves from her Jeep.

Jeeps sales numbers are in – doesn’t look good for FCA

Contributor Segment: Steve 4.3LXJ – Dana 30 (?)

Wrangler Talk: Part 5 of What is a Wrangler? The JL

Interview with: Shawn Woods

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: Last Installment of Upgrading JK/JKU Dana 30

Jeep Momma Product Review: Goofy LED Safety Flares Kit Road Emergency  

Jeep Cherokee Stock To Wheeler: n/a

Nicky G: Washing machine air compressor

Wheeling Where:

Colors In The Catskills – Offroad Edition



Trail Hero at Hurricane Recreation Center


Links Mentioned in Episode 349:

Goofy LED Road Flares https://www.amazon.com/Emergency-Warning-Flashing-Reflectors-Motorcycle/dp/B07BSYHY55/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1536283787&sr=8-1&keywords=goofy+led+safety+flares


Ep 34: Casey Ngo from OC Overland

We got the opportunity to speak with Casey Ngo from OC Overland. He walks us through the story of how the OC Overland Family was born and how the open, inclusive nature of the group has helped the community grow so quickly. Ultimately, his advice is to "be nice to everybody" and we absolutely agree with that.














CentreSteer #65 – After Overland

The sixty-fifth episode.

Guest: Graeme Aldous, After Overland documentary 1:27 – 2:24

Guest: David Short, ROAV – MAR/2018 1:04 – 1:27